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Warcraft and DOTA

Posted in Blizzard, PC Games by VGB Admin on December 20th, 2005.

I’m having trouble getting on bNet after setting up at Cornell for DOTA on Warcraft III with a no-cd, so I’m going to have to reinstall now. Wish me luck…

BTW, you can download DOTA on my other site ;)

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27 Responses to “Warcraft and DOTA”

  1. You know, I can always try to help you, seeing as I was having trouble myself, and I didn’t even have the CD’s with me. :)

  2. alseydez says:

    porfa pasame el replay si gracias

  3. I wil send u one replay of dota I played vs clan and my team win we are expert.

  4. Lifi says:

    I set play dota very good becouse you cant defeat me hahahahahah call me ok who want to play dota with me Black_Matrix.

  5. Punk_Rock says:

    Pa Send naman ng installer ng dota 6.28 plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  6. kjott says:


  7. ricky says:

    hye….plzzz help me….how can i play dota map..when i download i do no what to do….sorry for my bad language…..hehehehe….plzzz….

  8. dota_addict says:

    Try to help us find more dota maps from first map to last and place it on this website for all of us to download.

  9. jaer says:

    no puedo ver replays que me bajo del internet, ni si quiera puedo ver mis propios replays de mis batallas, que grabo en mi pc. I’M SAD ;(

  10. xeno_saker says:

    x… just drew first blood
    x… just pawned Black_Matrix’s head for an extra gold(+100)

  11. kenncubillo says:

    what is the best item for sniper Kardel that he can be unstopable and what do you think is the best hero to use?? tnx ^_-


  12. nismz23 says:

    i will devour noobs, you are all noobs..hehehe

  13. dota_master says:

    i want to play dota…if you guys want to defeat me…get a hard practice all day(24/7)hahahahaha!!!!!!…………

  14. andriex says:

    maybe you should check the official website to find newest dota and try to found dota with AI because I difficult to find it thanks!

  15. SUnnYBoY says:

    Sir Adin, Reggie, 2 on 2 ta? Dagon lng katapat nyo…wahahahahaha!!!!!

  16. x... says:

    i have defeated you allready dota_master! Without practice!

  17. carlo says:

    can u send me the latest version of dota plz…..
    i nid it plz…

  18. E = mc² says:

    E = mc² just pawned xeno_saker’s head for an extra gold (+100)
    E = mc² just pawned nismz23’s head for an extra gold (+100)
    E = mc² got double kill!
    Scourge’s DOMINATING!

  19. KILLER says:

    **** DOTTA

  20. ronald says:

    i need to reinstall my warcraft 3 DOTA but i’ve lost my installer cd. could you send me a copy of warcraft 3 installer?

  21. dino26 says:

    i m fanatic player of dota if u want to chalenge me and my clan wisp me in the battle net or conact me at my e-mail face the lord of dota of corse im not so good but chalenge me 5v5 or 1v1.

  22. geg says:


  23. caloyzs0606 says:

    i know im the best among the rest!! who ever want 2 play with me just fine me user id at garena client its caloyzs0606,.. defeat me if you can,.. good luck guys

  24. mackyreinante says:

    where can i download a full version of dota?
    please mail me at
    tnx for the response

  25. rico says:

    mga send naman ng installer ng dota6.28….please…sa email q nalang po isend,,…salmat po!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. the none-dota player says:

    wdf is with dota why is it so big it’s not even that good

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