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How To Return a Defective Xbox 360

Posted in Hardware, Microsoft by admin on December 13th, 2005.

Kotaku has a photocopy of a photocopy of the instructions on how to return your Xbox 360 to Microsoft (once you’ve gone through the Microsoft-mandated channels. Apparently, you just call 1800-4-myxbox, explain the nature of the problem, and once the support team verifies that you have a defective Xbox 360, they send you a box. Then you put your Xbox 360 into a bag, and then into the box, and ship it away for repairs. If you send it off for repairs soon, you might even get it back (fully functional, of course) before Christmas! Seems pretty simple.

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159 Responses to “How To Return a Defective Xbox 360”

  1. Diane says:

    We have been waiting since November 28th for this infamous return box. Daily phone calls to Xbox gives us one excuse after another. The latest was their computer system was down and they couldn’t look up our case number. I am sure we won’t be seeing an Xbox by Christmas. At this rate I think we will be lucky to see it next Christmas! I am very disappinted in the disorganization and the whole way that Microsoft is handling this bad situation.

    • sjohnson says:

      They should delete these old comments, my son’s a heavy gamer, I tell people what great service I get because these people know where there money comes from. Parents. I can always understand the customer service personnel, they are considerate, and I returned two x-boxes (in my own carton, both times) and they came right back. No Problem.

      • joking right says:

        your kidding me right? i just tried to get my 3rd xbox replaced they said no way to bad we gave you a broken product, ive been told to delete live accounts ive just purchased because i cant connect to friends, i then lost the account and they wouldnt help me. litteraly two weeks after purchasing a full year subscription, they said to bad. ive lost well over 100 dollars in xbox live account screwed up for no reason or fault of my own, and all i ever get is to bad or hung up on. they have the worst customer service i have ever dealt with. EVER i will never purchase i microsoft product again. and just so you know this is recent. like January 12 2010 recent. microsoft is fully aware that they are selling broken products, they dont care there isnt a damn thing you can do about it so why stop? its just like how the system ruined my new game and it was somehow my fault for not bolting my xbox down to a completely sealed of and stable area with industrial fans to ensure its at optimal tempature. thier service is beyond pathetic.

        • Michael says:

          I support you buddy i’ve sent my xbox away when it was still under warranty they didn’t give me a new one try to fix the old one. I had a problem with the reading lens and **** and it kept putting circular scratches on my games making it unreadable and un usable i’ve wasted tons of cash on buying new games im getting sick of it im not 18 yet i cant afford it. Now my xbox has screwed up again nearly everything (games dvds) are unreadable it takes 10 goes to maybe get a game working.i really want to sue this company or hope someone stops them.

  2. Caroline Auray says:

    To whom it may concern,

    My name is Caroline Auray Woods. I am a mother of three kids respectively 18, 14, and 9 years old. I bought my son an XBOX 2 years ago for his birthday. Unfortunately, it broke in November. In good faith, I called the 1-800-4my-XBOX number to have it repaired. Again, in good faith, I paid and sent it priority post. They have received my XBOX on November 30th, 2005. My husband and I bought games for Christmas thinking that the kids would be getting the console back in time. Well wrong!!!!!! It is now January 27th, 2006 and I still don’t have my XBOX. Needless to say my children are very disappointed.

    My question to you is, I have no idea what to do now. I have been calling Microsoft and the repair center everyday since December 2005 and no one is helping me. One agent even suggested I get a lawyer. That is insane! i don’t want a lawyer, I just want my XBOX back. My husband is in the military and leaving soon for a tour of duty and I am at the end of the crossroads. I have no idea how to get my XBOX back.

    I understand that to you, this seems to be a little minor detail which you shouldn’t really care about. The problem is my children do care. I cannot afford to get a lawyer and buy a new XBOX. All I want is the XBOX that was promised to me when I paid to have it repaired. Now I am out of 119 dollars and an XBOX. No one has helped me in any way , shape or form. I am desperate. I don’t ask for much, just an XBOX so my children can play with it.

    The file number for this matter is 1008208376 or the old file number which is 1005152599. I don’t know who reads these email but can someone out there help me get my XBOX back, I am truly desperate as to what to do now. I have contacted even a TV show and hope that they can help me. But I sure hope you can do something about this. Contacting Microsoft Canada was a waste of time and the service center was even worse. If they don’t hang up on me, they say they will do what they can to help. The problem is they have been saying that for 2 months now. What was supposed to take 10 days has taken 2 months so far.

    Thank you in advance for your time and effort,

    Caroline A Woods
    Belleville, Ontario

  3. jeff says:

    the guy i talked to was really cool, he told me since i was nice and polite he’d put my order for repair through for free even though the warranty had expired, he said they usually treat you how you treat them, caroline, you should call, and be really, really nice, and suck up alot, call the guy sir..and so on..worked for me.

  4. Jon says:

    i havent received my box but when i do i will let this post how long it takes for my xbox 360 to be repaired and sent back


  5. dom cerulli says:

    4 defective systems and I still cant get a refund.I even saw the UPS driver drop my 4th repaired system as he opened the truck doors.I am waiting for my 5TH system from texas repair center.I have called Microsoft and mailed letters requesting a full refund.Now I am forced to contact the better business bureau in my area and my local Boston news station consumer affairs.This is only the begining…repair order #1014738813
    This is America and no consumer should have to spend days on the phone and weeks waiting for replacements.Do not buy a 360 unless you want to live a nightmare!!!!

  6. Prav says:

    I recently bought a Xbox 360, hoping for a fullfill my Home Thearter System. However, after only 4 months of playing my 360, did I start noticing problems. Then one day, when i went to turn my 360 on, i noticed that nothing had appeard on the screen, and then the light was flashing red. So, I called the xbox support team to help me on this matter. They told me that they would send me a box, inwhich i can put ma 360 in, and send it back to repair. This was excatly what I did. However, when I received my 360, they sent e a letter, stating that I “tampered” with the console, adn that because of this they would not repair it. I DIDN’T EVEN OPEN THE SYSTEM. NOTHING. I have been calling them for 5 days straight now, and I have got not feedback. One supervisor told me that he’ll put in a complaint order, and that he’ll call me back in 1-2 days. However, nobody called back. Then I called back asking for the number. They told me “sorry for the inconvenice”, adn then the lady gave me the phone to another supervisor. However, this one told me that she could not do anything to repair my 360, and that she would send me photo’s to show that I have tampered with the system. Since then, I still have been calling everyday, requesting those photo’s. I spent a total of $900.00 on ma 360. Little did i know that in 5 months, I would be blamed for something I never did.

  7. Jake says:

    A week after getting my XBox 360, I got the three red flashing lights, indicating a hardware failure. I called XBox support on a Saturday, and received a box the following Thursday. This is a bit weird for me, as my only experience with warranty repairs has been with Apple, who will always overnight a box instead. Anyway, I dropped the 3-day box off with UPS last Friday morning, and it took until yesterday (Wednesday) to arrive at their tech support center – technically four business days, but if they had provided an overnight box, the extra day would have only made it two days total. Anyway, it’s Thursday now, nearly two weeks after my inital call. I called XBox to see what’s going on, and they said they couldn’t tell me until the technicians had a chance to look at the unit. I asked when that would be and they said to try on Monday. That’s four full days since they’ve received the box and more than two weeks since my initial call before I can even get a simple status report? What the hell are they doing over there?

    This response is shameful, and if they don’t fix it perfectly, I’ll be adding my name to that class action suit.

  8. G says:

    I bought my 360 on Jan 1 2006. It worked fine until July 27 2006. It totally freaked and stoped working all together. I took good care of it and hardly played it due to school and work. I called support and they were helpful. The biggest problem I had was,although the 3 month(ridiculous) warranty was extended to 6 months(should of been 1year), I was over the warranty by 34 days so I had to pay for repair. I was given a discount off of $120.00, but I still feel cheated being that my console just stopped working for no reason when I sacrificed to buy the system in the first place. So now I’m waiting for the box to arrive to send it back. Support said it went out Aug.4, but when I called back Aug.11, I was told it just shipped Aug 10. OK? So I call back on Aug 15 after their still is no return box and all the representitive said was “it should be there, try and call UPS”. He also gave me a tracking # and it says UPS has received Electronic Billing but this does not mean they received the package for shipping. So as I speak, Its 4:55pm Aug.17 and still no box. It makes me wonder, if it takes this long to get an empty box how long will it take to get the repaired console back. Months? 360 gaming is a great experience but with all the problems I should of just waited for the PS3. Xbox is going to regret some of their decisions and mistakes made this generation. I predict from now to next generation they go from owning half the marketshare to none at all mostly due to fear of gamers not getting a system working throughout the 4-5 years of a average consoles life.P.S. I’m a 22 year old pharmacology major and have owned every system from NES-PS2 and besides almost blacking out blowing on NES cartridges I’ve never had a problem with any game console. If you buy a 360, I suggest the first thing you open is the extended warranty aggreement, 2years for about $60. But don’t get your hopes up, I’m still waiting on my return box. Thanks for reading. Post your experiences as much as you can so we can get the word out that we need better microsoft service. Your Internet posts could reach more people than any newscast over the world if we as a people express our dissatisfaction together.

  9. Terry says:

    (P.1) I am from Canada and I got the three flashing red lights about three months ago, so we finally got in touch with Microsoft just a little over a week ago.I am happy to say that we got the box two working days later. We then shipped the system to them the very next day and they recieved it the following day.So I called them today to see what their progress was with it and they told me “they hadn’t recieved it yet” but the shipping company’s parcel tracker told me it was delivered to them on friday and when I informed the phone rep of this he quickly corrected himself and told me they did recieve it.Then he told me to call back in 72 hours to get the shipping pin so I could track it on it’s way back( I will be calling them back tomorrow now that I’ve read all this)and when I recieve my system or more info from the call center I will finish off my story in this forum`

  10. Kevin says:

    I purchased my box in December. It died in early August. I’m not a heavy gamer so there is no way in my mind that it should not be repaied by Microsoft. The problem began slowly, but over several uses I began to get the dreaded 3 red lights. Now, it locks up and will not even come on without giving those lights..

    I’ve called several times, sent e-mails and have been refered to “tier 2″ twice. So far, they have failed to answer the phone after 50 minutes of holding. I do have a SR # though. Their customer service is terrible. I do not expect them to fix a $500 machine that I’ve used maybe 50 times. I will not pay the money to repair it and it has become a principle issue. If they do not repair it, it will be the last console I buy from them.

  11. Mitch says:

    Bought my 360 the day it was first released in 05. It died in August 06 after using it for maybe 40 Hours MAX. Of course warranty was out and I refused to pay for repair and lodged a formal complaint because I know my system was part of a batch which statistically had a HUGE problem percentage. Now that they are fixing 05 consoles for free I have just sent the 360 back to in their empty cardboard package which arrived in just 2 business days. I live in Hamilton, Ontario and the return label was for Vaughn, Ontario this is really close to me, I wonder how long it will take to repair and send back? Will post further to let you guys know how long it took or if they try to screw me around…

  12. michael camacho says:

    i purchased my xbox 360 in january of 2006. everything was going good when my box started freezing about 3 months later, eventually red lights were flashing. i contacted microsoft and because i live on Guam, they said they coudnt fix my xbox. then, they told me they could. they kept giving me the run-around. i had to send my 360 to auntie in the states, which i had to pay, and she would turn it to them. i received my box about 2months later because i live on Guam. i was so happy when i received it. everything was going good but then i found out that i coudnt play halo 2 and some of my 360 games, such as, battlefield 2 and call of duty 2 wouldnt show the full graphic picture. i contacted microsoft and they said it was the graphic’s card. they told me i could send my box straight to their repair center in Texas without a repair box. this was in the first week of August 2006. i had a tracking number and confirmed they received it on August 13, 2006. i called them like 30 times to get an update about my box, but they said they didnt know, it wasnt repaired, they couldnt give it back to me because i live on guam, and they said they couldnt help me., they later said that they sent it back to me and just to give it a few days. after a week, i called them back. they said they didnt send it but its sitting in their repair center, because they were wondering why the repair order was canceled 6 times. it is now september 29, 2006. i called them yesturday and they said to call them back in 6 business days. they told me this last week. they lady i talked to started arguing with me. she said its not her problem and also that because i live on guam it should take long. they keep giving me different news. im so tired of this bulsh*T!!!
    ALL I WANT IS MY XBOX!!! they want to look into the case of why it was canceled 6 time. i told them while theyre looking into the case can i just have my xbox back??? they said NO!!! this is bulsh*t!!!! dont buy a damn 360…for real…
    if anyone can help me…my email is
    just give me some advise please….thank u

    -michael camacho( from a beautiful island called GUAM!!!)

  13. Gareth says:

    i got mine the day it came out in the UK it seemed have no problems and worked fine until in August i got the 3 ring of lights which means my console is wrecked. I sent it on September 21st since i am not a huge gamer i didnt mind sending it then. They said i would get it back in 7 working days. It took UPS 4days to get from Northern Ireland to Eastleigh in England which normally should take 2 days max. The support center said i would get it back in 7 WORKING days so after it arrived im wondering does that mean they keep it for 7 working days and send it so i will have to wait an extra 4 for return meaning i get it the Monday after this one coming or they keep it and after they recieve it i get it back within 7 working days meaning i get it back on Wedensday?

  14. Kyle says:

    My xbox 360 recently got the infamous 3red light syndrome. i phoned up the xbox helpline to inform them of the problem and to get a box to return it to them for repairs, after spending 35mins on the phone talking to an xbox representative in america, who could barely speak a word of english i managed to get a service ticket number. This call was then cut off before i could recieve any further information on what to do. I spent the next day being put on hold and being transfered to find out that i hadn’t had my problem recorded and that they werent actually sending me a box out. i then got transfered to a porteurecan lady who i could not understand and asked to be transfered to an english speaking person she took offence and hung up i still have no box or any idea what i do with my ticket number can anyone help?

  15. Narkath says:

    Hi there,
    This Saturday, after the eagerly awaited launch here in South Africa, I purched a brand new xbox 360. The very first day the console started up fine first time around. Thinking that I needed to sort all of my cables out, I unplugged it (after switching it off) from my multiplug and well…sorted it all out. I plugged it back in and nothing. Dead. I checked the power brick and it was workign fine. I then tried plugging it directly into the wall socket and it seemed to do the trick. Now what I don’t understand is that it was working first time around. The multiplug is fine, none of the other electronic were on except the tv and the xbox, so what was the problem.
    The next problem was the intro to oblivion. Sound cut out every 2 secs. Set the console to pal 60 like the game recommended and the sound worked fine, but now the video was all messed up at the bottom half of the screen. I have since then changed tvs a few times and all seems O for the moment. However, considering the problem I had in the beginning and all the problems people are having, not only with the launch consoles but also later issues, I am attempting to get a refund from the store I bought it from. I think it’s only fair, after all, it did cost me an arm an a leg. Not to mention the games costing some of my other limbs. I don’t want to be the guy with 10 games and one dead console / one that’s out for repair 24/7

  16. Meesh Abumaali says:

    does anyone know the number for the xbox service center? not the customer service center, or the 1-800-4-MY-XBOX trash, but the number for the place that actually repairs them.

    thanks a bunch

  17. wayne Shepherd says:

    So, here’s my story….360 started freezing over the weekend, Monday, I check my receipt and noticed I had purchased the system on July 12, 2006 and had a 90 day warranty. Me, being stupid, thinking that mearnt 3 months thought I had til Oct, 12. So, I waited til today Oct. 11th to call. Out of luck, since there are 31 days in July and August, the warranty ran out yesturday. Now, I get to pay the $139.90 for repair. They say it will take 14 business days to send me the box, fix the system and return it to me, we’ll see.

  18. Mr.Confused says:

    I purchased my 360 04/05/06 and it is now 10/19/06 and my xbox started freezing up on me a few times and last night i got the red lights around the power button. I have always taken good care of every console I have owned and never had any problems. Now I buy the most expensive console in the 360 and in 6months it breaks down. I do not feel that I should have to shell more money out of my pocket for a system that is obviously defective. This appears to be quite a scam by Microsoft. I am actually afraid to send it back for repair after reading all the horror stories from dealing with the customer service for Microsoft. One thing I do know is that I will NEVER buy another thing from Microsoft. I am looking forward to the Ps3. Good things come to those who wait!

  19. Travis says:

    I bought my 360 in december and it crashed in october. Concidering im a heavy gamer and the complaints on here im suprised it took so long for the 3 red lights to come on. I sent it (not knowing there was a “Special” box coming so my question is. Will they still repair it? and if not its a bunch of bull that i have to pay for shipping. Its not my fault it was a faulty system.

  20. darren says:

    i live in the UK and am wondering about how long it will take for me o get my 360 back. i send it away 2morrow which is a friday so when will i get it back thnx for ne1 hu can help

  21. Alex says:

    I got my 360 late december of 05, I used it a lot, and occasionaly it would freeze, but it was never really bad. So I just bought Splinter cell on the 18th and during the opening cinematic it froze like in a very strange way, the screen got all distorted and there was some freaky audio going on. I tried it a few more times and the same thing kept happening, I figured it was the game so I replaced it at Best Buy I pop it in and the same thing happens. So I call up 1800 4 myxbox and talked to some indian wierdo for 2 hours, he finally gave me a number and told me to ship it to texas, im in jersey btw. So that Friday, the 20th I ship it out usps first class priority w.e. for 18 bucks with tracking. The indian told me once they got it it would take 2-3 business days to repair it and 2-3 to get it back. So I check the tracking, it got there on the 23rd, this past monday. Then today 3 days later I get an email from Microsoft saying they just recieved it and that ill have it in 4-6 business days. SOOOO I can live with a 3 day delay, but if I dont have it by next Thursday I’m gonna get angry. Luckily I have an uncle who works for microsoft so if I have no choice I think he could get it for me. Ill let you guys know when it comes, and I wont forget like all the other people who said they would tell you what happens. XBOX 360 is awsome dont listen 2 ppl who say dont get, and wait for ps3, have you been reading the news ps3 is having so many problems and it isnt even out yet. Ps3 is for **** and a holes so buy a 360 they dont die anymore….did you notice that all the people complaining are people that bought them close to the release date, there better now, new hardware and stuff. And finally pay no attention to the South African person NARKATH she/he/it doesnt know jack squat….what kinda name is Narkath….

  22. Alex says:

    Just an update, they sent me an email early this morning saying it had shipped today via ups 3 day and they said I should have it in 2-5 days. So it seems that they fixed their system, but i’ve always been an optimist, so ill let you know one last time when they actually deliver it. I’m think ill have it on Monday the 30th because ups ships on the weekends they just don’t deliver.

  23. Travis says:

    Narkath eh? wierd i thought Microsoft was picky with employees… I agree PS3 is for **** go XBOX360!!!

  24. jim says:

    well Im on my third xbox now they keep sending me replacements rebuilds i think that dont work now this is getting stupid i have lost all faith in the 360 and am not interested in owning one HOW DO I GET A REFUND? HAS ANYONE SUCCESSFULLY GOT A REFUND FROM MICROSOFT?? 3 times is ridiculous i mean you think that the people who are supposed to repair the console might you know…..try them to make sure they work before sending them back to people who have allready been unlucky enough to get a dud in the first place Its radical I know. Im going to call them tommorow and get an address to write complaints too and I will post it here in bold for everyone to see.

  25. Alex says:

    Okay I’m going to have my system back tomorrow November 1st, It would have came today but I wasn’t home to sign for it. So there you go It broke on the 18th and 2 weeks later i had it back, so don’t listen to these stupid people who say it takes a year cause it doesn’t.

  26. Joe says:

    my 360 crashed after 6 mos of use. i am a casual gamer and been in the xbox camp since day 1. all i could say is that i am very dissapointed. they want $140 to repair the system. they aint getting one more cent from me. no more xbox. and as soon as possible no more windows.

  27. el godson says:

    i bought my 360 late august and then it stopped working in early november (06) now i wish i wouldnt have wasted my money and should have got a ps3. **** microsoft id like to kill evey single one of those botches mainly bill.

  28. Kraig says:

    I bought the system November 1st.. it worked great for 1 day.. then the dreaded 3 flashing red lights came on.. i called customer support and i got a repair order ready to go and for some reason it wouldnt go through, it’s 2 weeks now almost and all i get from them is “please call back tomorrow” i’ve called 10 times and everytime thats all they say to me.. So even worse yet i cant even send the damn thing in to get repaired.. i’m so confused and angry that Microsoft “the lord of computers” cannot figure out what in the world is wrong with my account.. it’s sad to know i cant do anything except call repeatidly and ***** at most… and most of the times i’m very nice to them and i still get these bullshit lame *** excuses

  29. Kyle says:

    hey i have the 3 red light problem with my xbox 360 and want to have it repaired, but dont know how to go about doing it, 18004myxbox is just a machine explaining how to fix the problem ? So what number do i call to talk to a person about returning my 360

  30. frank says:

    i bought my 360 on the launch date last year, i waited 12 hours outside for it and ive been extreamly happy with it. I thought i was a lucky one that was spared from the broken xboxs but this past saterday after beating gears of war w/ my brother we were playing it on the next difficulty level and our screen froze in this weerid pixelated screen. I thought it was a one time thing but now when any game is on for 5 mins it freezes. So i called 1 800 4 my xbox and the lady was very helpful and ran me through tests and it turned out that it was an internal problem and i had to send my 360 in for repair. Im still under warentee cuz i gave her my xbox code# on the back and it showed it was a lunch 360 and they extended those warentees for a year. But heres my big problem. They are sending the box out to me 3-5 bussness day…..its irratating cuz u would think they would do 1 day overnight mail for there customers. So the lady told me that i should get my empty box to put the 360 in on friday. and theni send it back to them and have to wait probly another week and ahalf to get it back. I want to know why dont they overnight ship ppl theres 360s. I love the 360, its an awsome system and xbox live is ******* great. Ive been extreamly happy with microsoft and there customer sercvice. But i would think they would try to get there loyal customers there 360’s back asap and not make them wait forever. idk ive herd ppl get it overnight mail and iver herd ppl get it 3-5 day mail. Id think it was cuz ppl are rude to the person cuz i was very nice and understanding to the lady who helped me.

    But dose anyone know how to fix my problem so i dont have to send my 360 back? or why do i have to wait 2 weeks to get it back haha

    but still non the less 360 is ******* great and i love it. Gears and COD3 are great new games i sugesst ppl get them!

  31. Mr.E says:

    Same old story. I bought mine back in late July and now less than four months later its a large paperweight with pretty red lights. Of course the warranty is now expired and I will have to spend an extra $130 for repairs. What if I do go ahead and send it back? What assurance we do have that it won’t happen again in another four months. Can we still purchase the extended warranty?

  32. Mike says:

    Seems like I have company on the xbox 360 fiasco. 5 months after less than regular use, just about every game freezes at some point (usually in either a goal line situation or at the end of a long level);or my games do not load; or I get the flashing red lights. Since I’m obviously out of the 90 day window I get the “opportunity” for Microsoft to fix whatever is wrong (or not) for a mere 1/3 of the value of when I bought it, not to mention shipping. I love the xbox and all, but if I get a refurbished system that has the same problem after a few months my blood is going to boil and I will be left with no other alternative than to alienate the company’s gaming products all together. After an hour on the phone going through some absurd checklist, it’s a wonder I haven’t given up already. Does anyone know if the units sent back are repaired, refurbished, or just brand new (flet like I paid for one alread)? As far as the additional warranty, to answer Mr E’s question, once the unit is given back from the repari center you may get a year warranty for an additional $30. Hope this works out.. and quickly.

  33. Jesse Dehaan says:

    OK…WELL, I purchased a new Xbox 360 for around $500(CND). Two months later, after having a number of problems with it from error messages and inability to read disks to random freezing, I called the Xbox 1800-469-9269 customer service line to see if they could help. They told me they could repair it for me free of charge but it would take approximately 2 weeks. So, I agreed and sent them my Xbox 360 via Purolator. Two weeks later, I received my Xbox 360 back but it wasn’t my original Xbox 360 they had exchanged it with what I thought was, from reading their letter inclosed, a brand new Xbox 360 console! My problems were solved, I finally had a working, debugged, fully functioning console…or so I thought. Five weeks later, (a few days after the 1 month warrantee on repaired cosoles) all of a sudden in the middle of playing my Xbox 360 it freezes! I had to then turn off my console to try to reboot and every time I tried I got the “3 flashing red lights” around the power button meaning hardware failure. I was shocked and extremely disappointed that a second Xbox 360 had malfunctioned for me. So after trying every rebooting procedure mentioned on time and time again, I gave up and called the customer service line again. This time, they told me I would have to pay for the repair charges, approximately $42(U.S). This was the best they could do for me but I refuse to pay more money to fix a defective product especially after all I have been through up to this point. I am extremely disappointed with Microsoft’s service up to this point and im especially disappointed with its product. My reference # is, 1023114567.

  34. Atzzel says:

    Hello guys, it seems that Microsoft has disappointed us all, personally I have had the worst experience of my life with this console, and I share the same problem as kraig, I just cant get the box and people in the support number are extremely rude and useless, I have even wrote to Microsoft to get some ansewr and everything I got was a silly answer, well if you have some time to read, I will post my experience which is the mail I sent to Xbox support to demand an answer.

    Hi Microsoft team, I am not sure if this is the right mail to place complaints but I definitely want some response. Well let me tell you that I bought my xbox 360 on December 2005, I was really excited as it was the first console of the seventh generation, although it was an expensive article for me, I saved some money and bought it, after some hard searching in the stores due to the lack of existence *which was very annoying by the way*. Then I bought some games, an extra controller, and a an xbox live year card. I live in Mexico by the way, and obviously I bought my xbox in USA. Well, after less than a month my console crashed, I called to Mexicos xbox support number and I had a terrible time trying to make effective my warranty, I called nearly 10 times, then after too much insistence and me getting very upset, you agreed to repair my xbox, I had it back and working by the end of February. Well everything was ok again, this brand new console worked for a while and suddenly by the end of August it CRASHED AGAIN!!! I was really amazed of the low quality of your product, I mean first time I thought it was bad luck but the second… I was really upset, how come this brand new seventh generation console just dies like that, this means your quality control is really poor. I have my Nintendo 64, my gamecube and my dreamcast working perfectly and my supposed best and most sophisticated console dies just like that and for the SECOND time! Ok after a deep breath I calmed down and then called to support hoping to find some quick solution, then the support guy tells me that I was out of the ridiculous three months of warranty, and then I had to pay if I wanted my console fixed… I mean WHAT!!! you want me to pay for your defective console! Thats your responsibility! anyway I was really upset and I wasnt going to pay for what I have already bought and I preferred to forget about my console. Then after two months *October* I find browsing in the internet that you Microsoft were retrieving every console made in 2005, in that moment I called xbox support and this guy told me that I was right, then he gave me an order number and told me that my xbox would be fixed in less than a month. Today I called for the 10th time demanding for a solution, I havent got any box for my console neither an ups tracking number. People in the support number have remade the order four times by now, and when I call demanding an answer and a solution they just ignore me, they tell me “the only solution is to have your order made again” I have accepted this solution FOUR times!!! People in that support number know nothing about politeness neither about XBOX, they are just like robots who answer automatic questions, I dont know what to do. I am not asking something difficult nor impossible, I just want what I bought nearly a year ago back! Also when I ask for a solution for my xbox live account *which hasnt been used due to your incompetence* you tell me that I wont have my live back not even because it is completely your fault!! By the way this people that you have in mexicos xbox support are useless, especially Marisol who was the last one I talked to. Well I demand a solution, I am a very disappointed and completely UPSET costumer, by the way today after talking to this person *Marisol* I went to get my Nintendo Wii Preorder *they wont charge for internet play and their products WORK*, and decided to sell the xbox 360 when it gets fixed. You have just lost a costumer…

    My first reference order was: 1022834506
    My second reference order is: 1023926477

    P.D. I am sorry for my english, I hope you understand I’m mexican.

  35. Ulasa Harris says:

    I bought the 360 on June 3 2006, the flashing red lights showed their face on October 10 2006. I had the system replaced with a brand new system on the same day. That system aired the flashing red lights on November 23 2006. Two brand new systems have quit working for no reason. I play the system at most about 3-10 hours per week, and not all at one time. I have been a fan of microsoft gaming since the first xbox, and even then I had the flashing red lights come up on me, and again I had brand new systems. What the hell is going on? I feel like I have been flat out gipped out of $450. This is very dissapointing. I would get mad but what’s the use when I know that microsoft is not going to help me fix the problem. If you’re going to buy a gaming system, get a PS3 or a Wii. Don’t mess with microsoft anymore. Beware of them!!

  36. Robert says:

    I have also received the dreaded three red lights after 5 months of ownership and I have gotten the same run around from MS. The one item which no one has touch on is the fact that during the time your console is down your Xbox live service is running and you cannot use the service. So not only are you out of a console you are not going to be reimburshed for lost time on your subscription to Xlive.

  37. Todd says:

    my xbox 360 was bought in april 06 everything was fine until 3 days ago when 3 lights started flashin red,im not going to bother sending it back to them i dont want to be screwed around,im going to sell my 12 xbox 360 games,and go buy something else as for the 360 im going to smash it to pieces.

  38. Anthony R. says:

    I bought the xbox360 one week ago from an aquiantance and the damn thing wont even start anymore. I get the red lights around the power button as does everyone. Does anyone know how to see when the console was purchased? The only reason I ask is because i understand there is a certain window in which MS will repair for free. I was jipped so to speak. I want to know if i can get it repaired for free. I wouldnt even mind paying for the s&h but if anyone could help me or referr me to someone or something that can help me it would be greatley appreciated. my e-mail is my name is anthony. thank you and am sorry for those of you

  39. Sanj says:

    I bought my xbox 360 the first week it came out in the UK and to be honest i have played it ALOT since ive had it, at least 280 hours, in November 06 nearly a whole year after it was bought, three red lights started flashing for no reason, oddly though i turned it off and then on and it was working! I continued playing happily until a week later it stopped again and it appeared to have completely f***ed up. I called MS support and was told i would get a free repair because it was made before 2006, but I couldnt sort it on the day (saturday) because the computers were down (Microsofts own computers down!!!! lol) so 3 days and 7 phone calls later I was told that a repair order was made, but i have to call tomorrow as the system was down again! But because I have been so patient I was promised a free game as well free shipping with a box, so the next day, Wednesday, i called and finished the repair order but the man said hes not sending me a box just a label and theres no way anyone would of offered me a free game for my troubles! I was bloody confused! I dont mind if I wasnt offered a free game but what was the point of lying to me…. anyway i sent it off the following Monday and now im waiting for it to come back, i just hope I dont have the same misfortune as some of you guys.

  40. Clem (Monterey, CA) says:

    I’ve been reading everyone’s input on their experiences; here’s mine. My box failed with the 3 rings of red light. Contacted the 800 number that is on the warranty card given at time of purchase went through the usual debugging procedures with the rep that was on the phone. Nothing worked. So, on 15th Dec, 2006, they give me a reference number and tell me to send it in to McAllen, TX. The rep told me that there would be a 7 to 10 day turnaround. They said nothing about sending me out a box to ship it in, so I packed it nicely in a spacious box with plenty of popcorn foam. I sent it out on 16 December, 2006, via USPS Priority Mail. That is where I stand this very moment, on this day 17 Dec, 2006,

    I will keep you updated as to when I actually receive my repaired or new XBOX 360. I’m expecting sometime in early January, but will let you all know.

    Good Luck to all you gamers!

  41. mike says:

    well, i was quite the happy camper when i get my xbox 360 for christmas this year, it kept crashing as soon as i played it tho… OK so maybe its crashing ‘cuz i got no memory card in it. sell my old gamecube for a memory card, pop it in and, to my eyes the system buzzes hums the dies.So i go to walmart where my mom bought it and get another one for the defective peice of ****, and guess what happens :D …. some ordeal….. gonna try AGAIN tommarrow….. wish me luck

  42. Ray says:

    well I sent my (3rd) 360 in on Dec 9th got to repair shop on Dec 13th hoping to good i get it back around christmas or a couple of days after. 1st one was defective out of the box, 2nd was the red light 3rd wasn’t loading any of my games. i’m so anxious to play it specially gears of war….i just don’t know how much i can take if these problems persist.. The first thing i wanted to do after a symester of college was to Play gears of war without worrying about school…so i got a 3 month subscription of live. Now i’m just losing live time they should really think about extendending live time for thier defective machines. It is now the 26th bought RS vegas hoping to get home and find a brown box nothing yet making a polite phone call tommorow to see what the deal is…. 13 day in the repair is sufficient enough time to send antother one back….. will keep you posted

    It is now the 26th and still no sign of

  43. Ray says:

    just got the run around between UPS and MS. apparently the repair center forgot to mention to the ups guys that there is a $400 piece of equipment in the box they are shipping off. A signature is needed from the (anxious) gaming customer, so I called ups to make sure (before i start ripping MS a new one) and they confirmed there was no note for a required signature. so the XBOX 360 was left on my porch behind the broom and shovel!!!!! in the FUCKEN SNOW!, without any signature taken… now who’s fault is this?? MS is trying to get behind this problem and is making me wait an additional week. I believe MS is at fault because UPS was never instructed to get a signature. My porch is out in the open, so any broke *** bum can just walk by, take it and run. I have a close friend who delivers packages for UPS and he assured me that if there ain’t no required signature they leave the package in the most conceal manner in my case behind the broom and shovel. I just can’t believe they wouldn’t require a signature!!!!!! a 360 ain’t cheap!! i love xbox games but this is just ridiculous. I better hear some good news when i call them in a week (in the form of “sorry we f*cked we are sending you a brand new 360 PRONTO!) i have games waiting to be played since the dec 9th also some LIVE time extensions would be nice!!

  44. Run says:

    Well as same as the rest of you console is showing the 3 flashing red lights,but instead of sending it back go i’m going to store and purchase a new 1 and puting the broken piece of **** back in the box and returning it to store!The 360 i have now is 2 months old and just made a purchase of 6 new games that my kids didn’t even get to play,They will be happy to play there new games on the new xbox 360 i will keep in touch to let you know how the new one works!

  45. Run says:

    A article i just found in which i had 1 attached Please respond if anybody else has this attachmentThe Intercooler is a 3-fan venting system that attaches to the back of the Xbox 360, keeping the console cool and improving console performance. Seeing as how my Xbox 360 has never given me any problems (and it’s from the first batch of consoles), I haven’t gotten a chance to use the Intercooler myself, which turns out to be a good thing. Nyko’s Intercooler has been named a cause for Xbox 360’s “rings of death” (red lights that flash on your Xbox 360 console telling you that you’re screwed). Once these lights come on, owners usually have to contact Xbox support and send their consoles back in for repair.

    Game World Industries contacted a couple different Microsoft customer service representatives to talk about the issue, both reps stated that the Intercooler causes problems for the Xbox 360. The first representatives stated that Nyko’s Intercooler drains too much power from the Xbox 360, which was manufactured with enough power to support only itself. The Intercooler drains a large amount of power when the console starts up, which causes certain components to not get the power they need to run correctly, which can then lead to the death of the console. The second rep stated that they had seen “scorch marks” on the console from the Intercooler – probably just dust. If you send in your Xbox 360 and these scorch marks are present, Microsoft will send you your console back untouched (The Intercooler is not a licensed Microsoft product). They did, however, recommend switching to Pelican’s fan stand, which connects to the console via USB.

    When Aaron, from Gaming World Industries, bought the Intercooler himself to test out the product, it only worked for 2 months before it killed his Xbox 360. He called Nyko for an explanation, it stated that like most products on the market, the Intercooler has a small defect rate and is a reliable product. Now, no one really knows who to blame. Is Microsoft using the Nyko’s Intercooler as a scapegoat? Or is Nyko essentially responsible for Xbox 360 deaths? Perhaps, with the rise of the Wii, the point will be moot.

    Nyko’s Intercooler Causes Problems For Xbox 360 [Gaming World Industries]


  46. ben says:

    my 360 just got the flashing red lights and i am awaiting on the box i get my repair for free but i am wondering how long will it take to get it shipped back to me???

  47. Dave Davis says:

    so i am on my 2nd broken xbox 360… the 1st xbox 360 broke (red ring of death) only 2 months after purchasing it, at the time i purchased an extended warranty from best buy (not microsoft) the f*cking place never received my xbox 360…i am glad i purchased insurance.. after filling out paper work from the usps a did get my money back 3 months later! i was stupid enough to purchase another xbox 360 which worked fine for 4 months… i am lucky that microsoft decided to extend their warranty up to 1 year instead of 90 days… I will be calling tonight – i hope i don’t get no *****! i was right in the middle of rainbow six: vegas… now who knows how long i will have to wait!!! i love the xbox 360 when it’s working! they really need to get their **** together! i just ordered a ps3 i hope this console doesn’t f*ck me over or else i am going to pull out all of my pubes in anger! – Keep You Posted

  48. Dave Davis says:


  49. James says:

    Add me to the list of dissatisfied customers….here’s my story: I bought my system some 6-8 months ago and have used it minimally due to World of Warcraft. Anyway, here’s a list of my problems: On many occasions I have been unable to open the disc tray, neither from the dashboard or pressing the eject button. More disturbing was what happened last night while I was playing Gears of War. I was in the middle of playing and I heard a grinding sound got an error message saying that my disc was unreadable. I had read about the system eating discs before and was not surprised to see a nasty ring scratched/burned onto my brand new copy of Gears of War.

    I called the 1-800-4MY-XBOX number and spoke to a rep for about 30 seconds before being disconnected. I called back again and finally got through to a tech. After explaining my situation, I asked what they would do to help me, and I asked for my ruined, $65 game to be replaced. The rep told me the MS policy on games scratched by the system, which amounts to MS taking the position that all disc scratches are the result of operator error in some form (the system MUST have been moved or I MUST have been playing loud music that somehow vibrated the machine and caused the disc to move in the tray and get damaged). He told me that MS will not replace games and asked me if I tried putting another disc in the machine. He actually suggested that I put ANOTHER $65 game in the machine that just ate my Gears after just telling me that MS would not replace the game if it became scratched. I asked to speak with his supervisor.

    The supervisor was no more helpful than the rep beneath him. After explaining the situation yet again (keep in mind this is a long distance phone call from Germany), he pretty much parroted the MS policy and told me that I could ship it in for service. I asked him would the system be replaced if the machine was found to be defective. He told me that it would be replaced with a refurbished machine. I told him that was unnacceptable and poor service to say the least. Let’s recap here: I spend $400 on my system which got very minimal use, was adult owned and well maintained, and spent $65 on Gears only to have practically brand new machine destroy my game. I call MS with the reasonable expectation to be compensated for the obviously defective product I purchased. I spend MORE of my hard-earned money on the long-distance phone call, and the best service I’m offered by the financial behemoth that is MS is that I can ship the system back to them for the privilege of recieving a refurbished system that someone else probably sent back for the very same reason with the knowledge that if the machine eats yet another of my $65 games MS won’t be replacing that one either. It is unacceptable that a company of MS’s means is not willing to do the right thing by its customers.

  50. Betsey says:

    I don’t even know why they have 1-800-4my-xbox, everyone on here knows it’s just a system to give people like us the run around until we finally just give up and deal. I can’t believe such a respected company like microsoft would do something like this. I would be ashamed if I worked for them. I’m gonna tag this page and try and get someone to help me. If I ever do then I’ll write back and let you all know so keep looking for my name.

  51. Eric says:

    Well same story as everyone else’s pretty much…

    I’ve had my 360 for about 6months now and wouldn’t ya know it, I’ve started getting the “3 red lights of death.”

    Funny how I never had any trouble with my system until I signed up for xboxlive and was FORCED to do an update to my system.
    ..yea I saw the occasional game freeze but it was always when I was holding down a stick to scroll quickly through a list or after having the system on for a LONG time, so I didn’t take much notice to it (the freezes started back in November btw). The red lights appeared immediately after trying to play one of the xbox arcade games (Astropop in case ya wondered). The screen froze, I got a bunch of squiggly vertical lines across the screen and so I turned the system off, waited about 15secs and then turned it back on *Flash, flash , flash* ….my head dropped at that point.

    I haven’t modded my xbox or anything like that (didn’t want to void the warrantee) but if M$ thinks that i’m going to shell out 130bucks for repairs to a faulty system, well they can kiss my @ss. I’ll repair the POS myself / send it out to a 3rd part before they get anymore of my money!
    You all know it’s just a mini-PC right?

    >> I’ve seen numerous reports of the GPU on the 360 overheating/frying due to manufacturer defects. (Namely the thermalpaste flaking/melting off)
    BTW you know it’s a GPU issue when you get a bunch of weird colors/lines on the screen and then the console freezes up. And you know it’s the console freezing cuz..if you didn’t know you can hold the guide button on the controller for a few secs and then go *Up* a few (twice) times and then hit A and it will shut the system down…if it doesn’t work it’s the console freezing…not your “setup.”

    In response to the numerous reports of the Nyko intercooler causing the 360 to die….I wouldn’t doubt it. I haven’t personally seen any reason to get a cooler for the 360 itself; however, most problems with overheating seem to be involved with the “power brick” PSU that M$ I’m sure worked on a very long time before releasing it for retail use. If you do a little of your own research you’ll find people actually suspending their bricks with string so it’s better ventilated. (The other issue with the brick seems to be it’s own tempermentalness….it doesn’t always like being plugged into Surge Suppressors …some kind of power requirement isn’t always met with the cheap ones ;(

    Well that’s pretty much all for my rant, I’ll try to update everyone on my issue later, if it ever truly gets resolved. I donno about anyone else, but I’m waiting at least 6months before I mess with the Vista OS….I’ll let everyone else debug their software like it will most definitely need before I do anything with it. I’ll be doing the same with the next M$ console (thinking I’ll wait a year+ next time).

  52. David says:

    Well i have finally got the 3 dreaded red lights i bought my system in May of 2006 on my b-day and played it for 9 months straight with no problems what so ever. I played it for hours on end no problems what so ever. Then suddenly a few days after i downloaded the new update for live i popped in Gears of War and then during a ranked match my 360 freezes and my screen makes this noise and the screen is all messed up. The Lights are still green though so i think to my self ok its probably just my tv. So i put in another game same problem so i try all my games and same thing it keeps freezing . I called MS explained everything and now i will be receiving the box so i can send in my 360 free of charge still under warrenty thank god!!! but i am out of my 360 for 2 weeks now not very happy but just praying that this wont happen again..

  53. George says:

    Well, my girlfriend got me the 360 before x-mas of 2005. Played it on end with no problems at all. Well yesturday jan 30 i decided to play, and i got the three red lights, and the freezing. I called up MS and told them my situation, and there sending me a box. I told them i don’t have time to wait around for a box, and they gave me the address to the repair center. I’m going to send it tomorrow, Feb 1. The only thing is i don’t have warranty anymore, and my question is, to the people with no warranty, and have sent it to the repair shop, do they charge you a lot to fix it?? Also i heard they replace your system with a new one, is this true??

  54. josh says:

    more like a refurb

  55. Betsey says:

    Hey just writing back, We got our power cord today in the mail!!! I don’t know what we did, actually I think it was when we threatened to report them to the better business bureau. Yep, I think that was it, Actually we also called the repair center in Texas. I don’t have the number off hand but I just looked up the address at and the name of the company starts with a J and it is some repair center. Ask for the x-box line and then we had to ask for “Pat”. She took my reference number and told me to call back, then when I called back she said she couldn’t speak to customers or she would get fired. But the next day I called 1800 4my xbox and asked about my counsole and they tried to pull the same **** as usual. I threatened to reprot them and they put me on hold, came back and said it was shipped out yesterday. I don’t know if I’ve helped anyone but that’s how I did it. Good Luck!!!

  56. Brady says:

    i think microsoft has gotten it into their heads, since we’ve all purchased an xbox 360 at some point in time that must mean we like playing games, so therefor, they assume we like to play games in all areas of our life, especially with our time and money. a-holes:)

  57. Maury Povich says:

    **** froze on me during a game of rainbow six, rebooted and got the rings. I called them this morning and get some schmuck that didn’t know a damn thing. he tells me to call back cus microsoft was having problems. i call back. this time some chick is helping me out and played it off like she really gave a ****, instead you pulls the same **** and says to call back in an hour or 2. at this point i’m pissed and confused. I just called them again before midnight was told to hold for the hardware department. i get through and this broad puts me on hold. after about 15 minutes on hold she comes back and tells me to call back in an hour or 2………..when the phones are off! what a stupid ******* group of ********! seems like these ***** don’t give a **** about you and your 360, they just dont wanna be the one to deal with a disgruntled customer. this **** really pisses me off!!!!!!


  58. Maury Povich says:

    ok it is now 1:30pm the next day and i just got off the phone with them. same stupid story, only this time the dumb ***** on the other end tells me someones gonna call me back within 48 hours! so far it’s been 3 days with no help. i’ll post pictures of me throwing this piece of **** off the brooklyn bridge.

  59. JM says:

    Wow, this page is really growing, I also have a defective xbox(360) i believe. I got mine July of 06 worked great until January of 07. Freezing error discs in mint condition followed their bull ****** steps to take if your xbox is a piece of ****. I’m assuming it’s a bunk power supply because i took precautions to make sure it’s not the 360 in advance. I’ve purchased an intercooler from best buy for like $25 xbox just enjoys freezing in random points of any game. Buying a new power supply today if the piece of garbage still doesn’t work, I’m hunting microsoft employees.

  60. Dustin says:

    I bought an Xbox about 3 months after the release, and haven’t had any trouble yet, except for once getting the 3 red lights when I left it on overnight, which I do all the time. Just restarted the thing, and it hasn’t come back yet.

    I bought another Xbox in December 06, about two weeks before Christmas for my little brother who lives with his mom. I gave it to him, and didn’t really talk to him about it for a couple weeks. The next time he came over, he told me he wasn’t able to play ANY games. He wasn’t having the three red lights, but every one of his games would freeze on their respective startup menus. So a few days later, I called the 1800 number, and told them what was happening. Got a pretty nice girl who was somewhat helpful, and she told me they would send the box for me to return the Xbox.

    I got the box a few days later, and sent it out via the UPS store a few days later. I just called about 15 minutes ago to find out about the status (according to UPS, it was delivered to Texas last Friday, the 1st.) Today is Feb. 6th, 5 days after it was delivered to Texas. Anyway, the guy on the phone, despite being somewhat dumb and hardly understandable due to his very heavy accent, was pretty helpful. He told me that my brother’s Xbox was already out for deliver to my house, and apologized that there was a delay on UPS’ part due to bad weather, and that I should get it back before Monday the 12th. If I DO get it back before Monday, it would have been around 2 weeks from the time of my first phone call. We’ll see what happens.

  61. Joe says:

    Just recieved my 360 back from MS after repair due to freezing. Pull it out of the box and the faceplate is cracked, the UBS port door is broken and hanging by one hinge, and the outer shell is all scratched and dirty. This is not my original box, but a refurb. I now have to send it back in. What kind of quality is this??? I am to the point I’m ready to take a loss and trade it in and get a PS3.

  62. TTcenter says:

    I sent in my 360 just yesturday, it took 2 attempt to send the box. No red lights on this one, I was busy playing a game and something just broke inside. No disc was able to play since that. I only had it for 1 month. I sure hope microsoft fixes thier console problems because they are looking REALLY bad. It’s sad that a really good concept for a system isn’t a good product all due to hardware problems. Love the system, but it’s useless when it’s built poorly. Would you ever buy an amazing product that’s expected to break all the time when there are one’s that dont and work almost just as good, maybe even better?

  63. carlos says:

    ok here is a fix for your xbox problems it will take less than a day and you have a new xbox 360, if your xbox fails to work , go to your local store walmart,target, a mayor store buy an xbox 360, take it home open the box get the new xbox set it up start playing and next day return your old xbox like if it didn’t work and get your money back i think is a simple solution.

  64. redradian says:

    I got my platinum 360 on december 25 2005, actually it was an exchange from the core I had that was freezing up… I am not a person that does alot of gaming, in fact there have been times where I wouldn’t turn on the system for weeks at a time. Finally when I got Call Of Duty 3 a few weeks ago I had a game that I really wanted to play (I have 10 games in total) so I actually found myself playing pretty much on a daily basis for a couple of hours a day… until two nights ago when I got the seemingly not to uncommon three red lights flashing (it was freezing every now and then days before this). I didn’t know what to think, I mean here is a system that to be honest may have between 6 to 8 weeks total use, now I am talking 2 or 3 hours a day, I mean how much will you use a game system when you work 6 days a week? I didn’t get upset, I called the 1 800 number only to get quickly frustrated with that piece of **** system they have. I finally after waiting through the **** to finally speak to a real person got through, I explained my situation, only to be told that I would have to pay them over the phone with a credit card $168.00 plus I would have to pay the shipping from Newfoundland To Vaughn Ontario and back to have it fixed. I wouldn’t get the name of the repair shop until I paid up first, I told him how I had only used the system pretty much for the last few weeks and had hardly used it up until then, how I had 10 games, an extra wireless controller, charge kit, extra battery, Xbox live not only on the 360 but also the regular Xbox which I had purchased after I got the 360 and not to mention the 20+ games I have for that system… they were no more help to me than you can call back with the confirmation # and pay the 168 dollars to have it repaired. I don’t think this is very good, I would certainly not have bought this junk if I had known it would **** out leaving me with nothing after such little use, and I certainly will NOT recommend anyone go out and buy this piece of SH#T. you would think they would want to keep people happy so they continue to buy the games and other goodies to go with the system, I’m just glad it didn’t happen after next month when my live runs out, I was gonna spend another $89.99 on the xbox live… I think I might cancel my live account on the reg xbox too… Anyone thinking about buying a 360 PLEASE THINK AGAIN… don’t make the same mistake I did by putting faith in this company, I’m VERY disapppointed.

  65. redradian says:

    Oh and by the way, does anyone have the name of the shop that repairs the 360 in Vaughn Ontario, I would just feel better if I had it and didn’t pay the fee of $168 first… and what is the deal with that anyway, they know how much it will cost to fix your system without even seeing it first??? sounds crazy to me, I mean I couldn’t tell a customer how much it will cost to fix their snowmobile without checking to see what parts its going to need…. I think they need to get their act together and admit there is a serious problem with these consoles, they may have done good with the first one but the 360 is a real nightmare in my eyes…

  66. Master BlinX says:

    Second Repair Sent Today.
    I would like to write a guide for Free, Quick and Easy Microsoft Xbox 360 repair.

    Step One.
    Dont register the box until it dies. Your warranty starts on registration date not sale date mmmkay.

    Step Two.
    Be polite. The ppl on there phones are just an average joe who might have a ged or highschool diploma.And dont have any magical powers to make your xbox work. They just fill out a form and click a button no more no less so dont expect specifics the;re no more then a drone and even managers dont have ANY special powers.Though if an *******(you) yells at them enough they might jsut cancel your order and laugh with there friends about the **** they just screwed cause he wouldnt stop yelling on the phone.

    Step Three.
    Be an adult and practice patients. Three weeks isnt long and if you follow this guide you will have it even sooner.

    Also remeber more repairs equals longer time frame. Reflectivley less boxs being repaired less time frame. Here is the kicker holidays will increase wait time due to the amount of products being used and broken cause of the old problems and hardware out there. So dont mess with this stuff during the holidays.

    I guarentee this to work for you or ill give you my xbox in exchange. k ill put my box on this **** it works.

    Treat others how you want to be treated.

  67. Andrew says:

    I am having a big issue i need resolved. I recently bought Elder Scroll IV: Oblivion for my xbox 360 and noticed after about a month the game started to lag, freeze and generaly go very slow while loading, making it impossible to play. Evenmore, my cd rom for the 360 wont open when vertical, and occasionaly will not open when horizontal. Frustrated i looked around and found out that those are symtoms of the three red lights. Thinking it was my 360, I contacted futureshop where i bought it and they said they would repair it for free, but they would return it at the most, 60 days. Thinking this is a really long time, i contacted microsoft and they said it would take 2 to 3 weeks but it would cost me the shipping to have it mailed to them.

    At loss at what to do, i started trouble shooting and wondering if it was my cd. It was scratched a bit, but nothing to serious but the odd thing was is that other games mostly worked fine except for a slight lag here and there.
    I was wondering if anybody else had the same problem or something of the sort, and am wondering if you could point me in the right direction about what to do. Thanks, Andrew

  68. Say What? says:

    Hay Andrew, the samething happens to my Xbox 360 with the disc tray not opening vertically-all the time, or horizontally-sometimes. I had just shipped about a week ago because it was scratching my games (Gears of War, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, and NCAA Football 2007). I don’t know what everyone is talking about not getting there 360 repaired for free. Hec, I’m getting it repaired for free and getting a new copy of Gears of War! But I have never had my Xbox have flashing red-lights before. Except one time because I did not have the cable that hooks up to my tv hooked up. Other than that it would be fine. So I have absolutely no clue why they would charge you for getting it repaired. I suggest that you send it in to microsoft. So far it has been almost if not a week since I shipped it. So good luck man.

  69. Jeff says:

    Well, I just got my XBox back after about 10 days from Microsoft. I had the Red Ring of lights like most people are getting. One thing you will need to know when you send your box back, they probably will send you a refurb box instead of your original. So, if you are like me and take very good care of your stuff… forget it, you will probably get a refurb box that has scratches, and is dirty. Oh yeah…. I have my family setup with profiles to play live games. You can forget about those profiles working with your refurb box (your “new” box doesn’t have a license for all of the games you bought!). My 9 year old daughter was very sad when she found out that she lost her achievements and has to play under my live profile only (and start over). I called M$ about this, and was on the phone for 2 hours. Finally got a supervisor who said they will call me in 3 – 5 days. What a joke!

    I spend a lot of money on Microsoft products, and unfortunately this disrespect they are showing me has pretty much convinced me not to buy any other M$ device. (still have to buy the os though… no real choice there)

  70. poop says:


  71. D Leslie says:

    Andrew – RE Oblivion lag

    When I first bought Oblivion, I was having the same problem. I even went and bough another copy because I thought mine was defective or something. It would freeze for like 10-30 seconds at least once a minute. Anyway, I called Oblivion support, and they gave me the answer on how to fix it. It had something to do with “clearing the cache” (not sure what that means), but basically I had to hold down a certain button (I think it was X, but, again, not sure) while Oblivion’s loading screen came up. That did the trick, and I never had that problem again.

    Call Oblivion’s support and they’ll be able to tell you exactly how to do it

  72. Omar says:

    I was just reading this and I wanted to post my experience. I bought my 360 about a week after it was released. About a week ago my brother put in a disk and the 360 said it was an unplayable disk. We tried all our xbox original and xbox360 games and all of them were ‘unplayable’. Then i called 1800 4MY XBOX and the lady said we have to send it for repair and it would cost $139 CAD. This sucks. I don’t really want to pay so I have to wait for my VISA card to process the request so that they can either pay for it to be repaired or they will buy us a new one. :-) I think that is cool that they would do that. I an still bummed that I can’t play my xbox 360 for a while…

  73. Todd says:

    BTW, they don’t provide boxes anymore. I got a 360 in Late January and it dies on St Patty’s. Seems the drive wanted to make grinding noises and not read discs. Well I call the Xbox line and they tell me that it’s in warranty (duh its 2 months old) and that I needed to ship it to them. When I asked about them sending me a box to ship it to them in, I was told I am responsible for shipping…and no reimbursement. That’s just ridiculous. I can understand if it was over a year old, but 2 months and I have to pay to ship it? I looked for the reciept to take it back to Wal-Mart, but I couldn’t find it. So I’m shipping this off Monday to get my drive replaced with a refurb and hope it comes back in one piece.

    Oh yeah…and the icing on the cake was that the rep on the phone actually offered me the extended warranty…talk about insult to injury.

  74. DJ says:

    I got my 360 about a month after it’s release, for Christmas. Now, a little over a year later, I’ve started getting the three flashing lights. Now I’m bummed I can’t play games with my friends over live, and will be calling 1800-4myxbox to have a box sent out. With all the horror stories I’m seeing here, I don’t think I’ll get my hopes up for a quick in and out fixin’. But if it is quick, then I’ll just be surprised.

    Will post more later detailing customer service and the rest of my experience.

  75. Kirk says:

    Well, we are living in a world of opportunity that gives us the chance to own a game system that 10 years ago we couldn’t have conceived of. Unfortunately that same world offers us companies like Microsoft who have made faulty equipment and then deny what the 3 rings really suggests. Your xbox is dead. Why? Multiple reasons it seems.

    I will not hang the powersupply by string, cover the box in a towel, smack it, buy a cooling fan for it, talk to their customer service team, send them money to fix the thing, pay for a new system or blow it up. I will buy a new one, replace it with the old one take it back to the store to return it as faulty and I will play on. And when it breaks again… I will do it all over agin until I get one that works. We all play games but seldom do we play them in our real lives. Microsoft is playing with us, and I suggest we play back.

  76. cameron says:

    6 months and 4 days later, 3 blinking red lights. i’m glad consumer pressure forced microsoft to extend the warranty. an earlier post recommended that you do not register your 360 until you have a problem because the warranty period starts at registration rather than purchase date. when i called tech support (i was not on hold for longer than a few minutes) i was asked for the serial number on the box and purchase date, then told that it was not yet registered. he registered it over the phone. i have to assume that tech support begins the warranty date at the date of purchase that you provide. i am not suggesting that you lie to get extra warranty time, but they didn’t ask for a copy of my receipt or anything. they told me to unplug everything including the hard drive, plug it back in and turn it back on. mine worked after that. i was given a reference number and told to call back if it happened again. the next day it died and i called back. when i gave tech support the reference number, he didn’t make me unplug it again. they sent me a return box with label, foam and tape via UPS 3rd day. the provided prepaid return label was also 3rd day. i guess MS decided that overnight shipping isn’t going to generate enough consumer goodwill to justify the cost. i don’t know how long it will take to get my xbox back and i hope i don’t get a filthy marked-up refurb, but if it happens it happens. the main reason i wanted to post is that i noticed the address on the prepaid label was mcallen, tx. i grew up in texas so i immediately knew what was up, but anyone can look at a map. i would bet everything i own that these boxes are put on a truck and sent across the border. i believe that they are being swapped out and repaired in mexico, then trucked back to mcallen and shipped back to consumers from tx. i’ve got nothing against mexicans but if i’m right, it’s shady of MS to try to give the impression that they aren’t outsourcing the repairs to a country that allows even more worker exploitation than the us. i know this isn’t a political forum, but i bought the 360 instead of a ps3 for two main reasons. MS is a slightly more american company than sony, and halo 3. if worker exploitation is a consideration for you, then you would probably want to know if MS is taking advantage of working class desperation in order to reduce the cost of repairing a shoddy product.

  77. matt says:

    im totally getting the same ****. they told me it would be 9 buisness days and i’ve been waiting over a month now. i tracked my package online and it only took three days to travel across canada by ground but has been stuck at the repair center for most of the time. xbox should give me free gamerpoints for the ones im loosing every day, not to mention the boredom.

  78. Bryant says:

    I bought the launch system after waiting in line for 8 hours. Since then, I have dropped over $1100 into the system, games, and hardware. She has had intermittent freezing problems ever since the launch. However, they were few and far between until December ‘06. (Barely over 1 year after launch. Maybe a coincidence…) Since then, her condition has gotten worse and she has finally passed on… claimed by the XBOX 360 Cancer AKA The Red Ring of Death.
    RIP 360 11/22/05 – 4/19/2007
    Fly with those wings, you angel, fly. May ye find comfort in that ye are ever in the company of multitudes of thou brethren, and … sistren.

    Anyway, I treated this thing like delicate China (It was actually made in a place called China, too. Another coincidence!). I had read about the 3 rings from the first week of release and have done all I could to prevent it. But, in the end, all my pampering was no match for the poor design and/or manufacturing and/or “remote demolition” of the 360.
    I will not pay $130 for a refurbished, soon-to-be-dead 360 when they should be replacing these things with WORKING units FREE. Anyone who replaces thier system by giving this company more money has issues. These companies will continue to run business this way as long as we keep saying, “Duh, OK. Take whatever you want. I just need my system.” Why in the world would you pay them more to be screwed again? Microsoft will NEVER get another penny from me. Same for Sony and their PoS 1-3. Nintendo is far superior quality-wise, but lacking greatly in other areas. So, no replacement system in my future.
    But, I hear Patrick Volkerding has released Slackware 11 and Vista was released with more bugs than a season of FearFactor. So, there’s at least an easy transition PC-wise. Also, I after being forcibly retired from Guitar Hero II, I now have time for real guitar practice. So, there is life after the death of a 360.

  79. Larry B. says:

    As long as people keep purchasing Microsoft merchandise like it was the greatest thing since peanut butter Microsoft will not change the way they make or support any of their merchandise. Another example outside gaming systems. Look at “Word” compared to “Wordperfect”. Is Word a better program-NO, easier to use-NO, more expensive-YES. If one person says a Microsoft item is great, its probablly not, just like everything else they put out. But you have to stay away from the mob mentality, Oh he has one, I must get one also. Keep in mind the person who says the item is great probably works for Microsoft.

  80. Tom says:

    hang up the power supply so its off the ground – your xbox will work again if its an overheat issue. use the towel trick 1st if you have to, just to get it running (wrap in towel 15 mins, turn on, let it run….)…then shut it off, wait 5 mins, turn it on. I swear it works. always keep the power supply dangling off something so it can release heat on all sides. This will save you 140$ and days of waiting for refurbished **** they just put new power supplies on for $140 anyway.

  81. bruteoutlawz says:

    got my 360 over a year ago and im on my 7th one and even that is broke. it keeps making grinding noises and coming up with the please put this disc in a xbox 360 console error. nothing put hassle. i think we should all give up on microsoft untill they sort there **** out. lets all buy ps3s

  82. divia says:

    Ok Same old as everyone else three rings. I called to get a box sent to me for repair in Jan 2007 but for some reason they didn’t send the repair box. It is my son’s game and I forgot about it. Well now it is May and it is not working at all. So I called back and they are all “5 months what took ya” . They said they could see that I called and that they did not send a box. They did not know why but the box never shipped by their own admission. So now it is 5 mo out of warranty and I have to pay but they will give me a discount.

    Thanks for nothin’! No way!
    I speak with a supervisor and they agreed to repair free of charge and send me a box..So be polite but firm this is a known manufacturing defect. I don’t care if the problem comes up 5 years from now. This is not a normal use/ wear and tear issue. They made a flawed product and they should not only repair it but offer some type of good will item like a game ect. That’s not gonna happen but it should.

    Keep up the good fight guys and gals.

  83. DCeballos says:

    Well, you can go ahead and add me to the growing list of X-Box 360 owners who have experienced the dreaded three red rings. I won’t go into detail about how I am feeling, what disappointing thoughts are going through my mind regarding Microsoft, etc. as there are enough people who have already voiced those feelings here in the thread. I will just say that I own older systems such as a Sega Genesis, a SNES by Nintendo and a Sony Playstation 2. Each of them still work to this day with nary a problem or issue. And these are the original models, not the new slim lined ones or equivalent. I received my 360 back in March of this year as a Christmas gift (there was a huge back log at Dell so that’s the reason for the delay) and here we are in late June and it’s now dead. Two and a half months. Can you believe that? Unbelievable. I will tell you this, I no longer will purchase anything Microsoft related. Had Microsoft not cornered the PC market with Windows, I wouldn’t even have that on my PC. I will leave on this note. I recall when I first received my 360, thinking to myself then that I wished I would’ve gotten a PS3 instead of this thing. Well, suffice it to say, that thought has been magnified a hundred fold as I sit here looking at my now deceased X-Box 360 with it’s flashing three red rings of death.

  84. Vincenzo says:

    Like most people on here, I’m not a big fan of Microsoft anymore. Let’s face it, the Xbox 360 is the most flawed game system ever released. Even the Sega Saturn was more reliable. Not to mention Microsoft’s awesome nickle and diming strategy with Xbox Live. I bought an Xbox 360 for my birthday this past February. I was hoping that Microsoft had resolved the issues with the system. Of course, I was wrong. The DVD drive was the first thing to break and that happened 2 months later. I repaired the drive myself (not sure why), which voided my warranty. Then 2 months later, the system started flashing me the red ring of doom when I turned it on. I turned it off and turned it back on and it suddenly worked again. I’d had enough of Xbox 360. I packed up my sysetem, took it down to EBgames and traded it in. I’ve been gaming happily with my new PS3 ever since. I feel sorry for whoever buys that piece of **** from EB, but I wasn’t going down with the ship. Sorry, but nobody should have to pay $400 for a game system this freakin fragile. So my story ended well (for me at least), but for everyone else, I feel your pain. Don’t buy USED Xbox 360s!!! They’re probably all the same as mine. People desperately fleeing the great **** Microsoft has sold us all. Too bad the 360 software library is so good…

  85. Timmy says:

    about a month ago i called microsoft and told them about the three flashing red lights. about two weeks later i finaly recived the empty box to put my console in. the next day i took it Purolator (cause im in Canada) they told me that it would be recieved by microsoft in Toronto the next day. now 2 weeks later i call in, and they tell me that it has been recieved and is still under repair. however the odd thing is that, i was told by one of the people from microsoft that it would not be repaird in Canada and instead just replaced. so i have to wonder y it is still “under repairs” after 2 weeks even tho they said it would be replaced with a new 1 instead of repairs. i would have been better to take the 30 minute drive to Toronto and give it to them myself. and just today i read about a guy who shipped it to Texas and got it repaired and back within 30 days. so why the hell does it take 1 month to go a 30 minute drive and back. microsoft does not deal with the issue they have created. they build a box that lasts at most a couple months before it breaks and takes a couple months to return.

  86. Ian H. says:

    I got my 360 back a few days ago. It took a MONTH AND A HALF and it broke the SECOND DAY it got back. Now I have to send it back AGAIN. I know they offer you games and a MONTH of xbox live but how the hell am I supposed to use either? And the live is not EVEN making up for the time I losed. I want to tell everyone to boycott the 360 but who would follow you? Everyone is too worried about the games to even notice they aren’t being treated fairly.So how can anyone fight this? ANS: they can’t. Microsoft wins.

  87. zacl says:

    hi im zack and i bought my xbox lets see……august 13 2006 ….and the day after my birthday august 13 2007 it breaks…..funny huh?
    here’s the story

    So i was playing the bioshock demo and then i beat it and when i came back to the dashboard my friends had invited me into playing GoW with them….so i put the disk in and all the sudden my xbox starts makeing this like grinding noise….i take out my disk and its completely fine…so i put it in again….and it says unreadable disk….so i dont know wtf’s going on and im calling microsoft today…..i have defended the xbox 360 to death against the ps3 and i agree that its better…but i am very disapointed in what i’ve heard…..and what sucks the most is….if it takes over a month…i wont be able to play halo3 on the release date

  88. t3o says:

    so, about how long does it take from the time it arrives at the repair center to the time they send it back to you?? from what i’ve read from other people, it looks like 2 weeks….is that a fair assumption?

  89. Chris says:

    I bought a 360 with my tax return at gamestop and bought for the reason of it taking it over to my friends house and playing it there with him. I was goin to get a ps3 but i thought i would have to leave at home all the time for a fear of it getting stolen. My friend bought a use 360 which the guy only had for 3 months his still works but i bought mine brand spankin new and it dies in july while im playing the darkness. So now im actaully owning up with sending it to microsoft and fixing it today in august and now bioshock is out i have to get this things fixed i dont have a good enough computer to play otherwise. Anyway this is ridiculous this should have never happened its bad enough we got fisher price toys with toxic lead painted on them. Okay im done ranting ill let any let you know when i get mine back hopefully in time for halo 3 but i doubt it.

  90. Heather says:

    I am trying to find out how and where to send my xbox 360 because I have the 3 red rings of death happening and need to get it fixed under the extended warranty from microsoft, can you please help me.

  91. Scott says:

    I bought an Xbox 360 Elite Today Brought it home thinking i was going to play.. I took everything out of the package and was ready to play then when i got to Putting in the Av Cables into the back of my Console, The Socket was defective, The socket was installed wrong so i plugged in just the power plug and turned it on sure enough the light turned red.. i didn’t even get to play mine yet.. go figure… i am sending it in thought i am just going to complain to the store i bought it at.

  92. Paul says:

    So I bought my xbox in January 2007 and it worked perfectly until August 1st. I called support and they sent me my box about 3 days later. I sent it in the very next day. I just found my tracking number today 9/19/07. I looked it up and it says that it arrived in TX at 9/12/07. The problem is that it doesn’t tell me where it is now or when it is going to arrive back to me. I’m hoping that since it took 8 days to get there it will take 8 days to get back. But that logic is quite difficult because i HIGHLY DOUBT that they will fix the xbox in one day… I will keep this place informed on when i recieve my xbox again…. =[ =[ =[

  93. Dwight says:

    Sooooooo my 3rd xbox 360 dies. 3 lights turned to 4 lights and it was all over. Had I been smart I would have paid the $50 to EB Games as I had the previous 2 times then I would have simply taken it back to the store and been handed a new one. But nooooooooooooo I decided not to do that this time.


    I am in Pickering Ontario Canada. I called the 1-800-my -xbox phone number and went through the testing with the call centre guy.

    Ok, not working we will ship you a box.

    3 days later the empty box arrives. I pack up my system and send on the Thursday.

    Tuesday September 11/07 I check the Purolator website and see that my package has arrived at Celestica and been signed for. Cool I think to myself.

    Wednesday: I call the 1-800 number again and the recorded voice says that my system has been repaired and sent back to me. Wow I think. Great service! What is all this complaining about.
    However since I had seen so many I decided to speak to an agent anyway.
    I was told that my system was still slated for repair and that they always put that voicemail up even if the system has not been repaired; Call back in two days.

    Thursday: Checked online with my tracking number at Hmmm interesting, it says that my system has not reached the repair depot. So I phone back. “Oh it is there, must be a glitch”.

    Saturday: Email arrives from Microsoft stating that I had an open repair ticket and they wanted to know if I intended to send them my console.

    So I call again. Agent i speak with checks the Purolator # but does not see any record of a shipment. I happen to check at the same time and it appears right in front of me. “Oh yes there it is” says the agent. “Let me check the repair status”. She returns to tell me that she cannot find a repair ticket for my system. She goes onto put me on hold 4 times as she needs to speak to a supervisor. Finally she gives up and puts me through to one. After explaining it all over again to him I am told that the email was probably just a delayed email. “The email is dated for today” I tell him, “And my console was received last week Tuesday.” Ummmm, well the email must have been delayed.” he says again.

    Bottom line, he did not seem to know where my console went but was simply telling me what I wanted to hear. He did not know who did repairs in Canada, had trouble finding anything given my repair ticket number, and all he could say was, “Wait 3 weeks for it to return. If you do not get it back try calling us then.”

    This is so sad. What a poor attempt at customer service.

  94. Will says:

    Loved the Xbox until it broke after 9 months of use. Now I have to wait to play Halo 3 since it will take a few weeks to repair. I would prefer to get a new one or my money back but who is kidding who. I have owned all the systems since coleco vision and they all still work. This is the first system I have ever seen break and in only 9 MONTHS? If I had to do it all over again, I would have bought a PS3.

  95. Doug says:

    You’ve all heard this before. I got the red ring of death in early september and called MS to start my repair order.The box was delivered in a timely manner, and i dropped it off at UPS on a Friday. The thing is, the service rep never asked for my e-mail, so I can’t get any updates that way. The number they gave me to call to check on my repair wasn’t a real number, and I, being the idiot I am, neglected to write write the UPS tracking number down off of my box. I have no idea where my xbox is and I’m not going to recieve any updates on it until the UPS truck is in my driveway. It’s september 22, UPS doesn’t deliver on saturday or Sunday, and Halo 3 comes out on the 25. I’m f#cked. This isn’t one of those “my xbox has been gone for 2 months now” kind of story(not yet), I’m just f#cked. Thank you for your time. By the way, does anyone know how I can track my xbox?

  96. Alex Bautista says:

    December 2005, one week before Xmas, I called WallMart just for ***** and giggles (had to tell my kids that I at least tried) to see if they had any units come in. To my surprise they said they just unloaded 3. There was a winter advisory in th NE and I drove 10 miles thru the most harshest snow storm, ran all the way to the department and was able to beat out another customer to get the last one. Great Xmas that year! The 360 met all expectations and gaming experience was second to none. 3 months later the DVD refused to read discs. My first encounter with 1-800-4MYXBOX was very pleasant, after going thru their standard on-the-phone troubleshooting proceedure (which was very insulting to my intellegence since I am an electrical technician by trade) they ship out a return box which i recieved within 3 days. They recieved in 3 days and shipped my repaired unit back. They gave me the tracking # and I expected it home in another 3 days. 5 days go by and no Xbox. The UPS tracking # does not work. I call again and they inform me they will be overnighting a brand new unit. Apparently they used to send the return boxes with MICROSOFT plastered all over it and it did not take long for theives to smuggle repaired units. That’s probably why the boxes they send to return to and from are now generic boxes. I got a brand new unit the next day as promised and I thought to myself, that wasn’t that bad. 9 months later the unit succummed to the dreaded 3 red light condition. I again called for service. Since the unit was one of those pre-JAN models they extended the warrantee. I got another unit back within 3 weeks, however it was not brand new and had a different serial#. They also tried to hard sell me on extending the warrantee on this unit for an extra $30. I missed the deadline for this special offer and we all crossed our fingers. This unit had a complete falure (no lights at all) on September 5, 2007. I called again knowing that I would have to pay this time and hopefully get the unit back in time for Halo3. I was surprised to find out it was still under warrantee (must be some mistake, but I went along with it) I got the return box on 9/12, UPS says they delivered on 9/16, Microsoft sends me an e-mail saying they received on 9/22. I called and they said it would be repaired in 7 working days not counting weekends. So much for Halo3. My kids are choppin at the bit. I called on 9/27 and the robot says the unit has been shipped. I talked to a live person to get more details but he cannot give me a tracking # because the coumputers are down and to call back in 24 hrs.
    I’m sure it will be coming soon. Yes, the 360 does have its flaws, but you still have to admit the gaming experience is awsome. This time I will pay the exra for extended warantee. $60 bucks a year is cheap insurance than giving up and gambling on the PS3. I am sure based on the long threads of this topic that Microsoft will take notice.

  97. Ken/Shawn says:

    Had the system working since last Christmas (2006) and it gradually presented increasing momentum of problems until we started getting the three rings of death, and couldn’t play anything else. The game Dead Rising used to cause it to freeze more often, but now Bioshock causes this problem with greater urgency.

    Called Microsoft and they were very nice to me, giving me a tracking number and promising a box to ship it back in. Hoping for the best. I’m sure that with literally hundreds of thousands of users facing breakdowns, Microsoft will be forced to address it, and give out vouchers or something to just replace them with new units.

    It seems to me, that any reasonable gamer manufacturer doesn’t want to find itself in the repair business like this, on such a massive scale. It would be more cost effective to just replace them all. So hold onto you documentation, folks.

  98. ash says:

    this sounds a bit dodgy people, ALOT of people have sent there xbox away to somebody they dont know, may not even be microsoft. whats to garauntee that number was too microsoft, it may be to a dodgy dealer anywhere in the UK who has kept your xbox sold it on and made a profit out of your trust. i would look deeper into this before you send your goods too him/her or the company.

  99. Anthony says:

    Master BlinX you are an *******

    I’m on the phone right now with these asses, started at 10pm EST 10/12/2007.

    I just opened my ‘repaired’ xbox plugged it in, unwrapped Halo 3, and started it.

    the piece of **** froze… WTF? I am livid!! This is so screwed. I got this ‘manager’ on the phone named christine, I think she is in a third world call center. Yes I am talking about india, so what. I asked for her manager… **** I got time to kill… probably do no good, but keeping my anger inside is worse… so scream at them. Scream LOUD… get it out of your ******* system… you keep it in and it will rot you from the inside out.

    Yell at them, and get your message across…it also helps you not keep it in. Don’t be nice to them, they just screwed you.

  100. dsd says:

    i bought my xbox when gears of war was released so thats a year from now.
    i just bought guitar hero 3, did the co-op update and played for hours.

    next time a tried to turn my xbox on, the red ring appeared.
    the first thing that came to my mind ” im fucked”

    i haven’t sent it to get fixed and after reading all this thing about the costumer service im really thinking about it. but what else can i do…

  101. mikem says:

    yeah. The same thing happened to me. I have had my 360 for over a year. It hasnt even froze up since i got an external fan months and months ago. Then i get guitar hero 3. play for a day straight pretty much. I get home from work the next day and it has the three red lights out of nowhere! wtf?

  102. rookie says:

    i must be really blessed, i’ve had my 360 since may 2006, and i’ve played countless hours on it, but like dsd above, guitar hero 3 killed it, instead of doing that order box or calling microsoft, im gonna take my hardrive off then proceed to destroy my console, just save me the frustration of reaching someone at microsoft, then go and by a new core system and live happily ever months or days or hours later… however long it decides to randomly live this time around, this page has enlightened me

  103. Dudes I too have had poor poor quality from Microsoft….bought my system NOV 2006- 10 months later – it totally crapped out on me…why? downloading the “updates” that were needed for my system….sent the Xbox out- since I work for an Express mail company, I sent it in ….recieved it just intime for the release of HALO3…2 weeks later after I recieved it, it craps out on me again……3 RED LIGHTS…..Holy ****…..decded to buy a second XBOX, this time an elite, so while my first one is in for repair, I can play the second one……thinking that Microsoft fixed the problem of the overheating, it craps out in 4 Days! 4 DAYS!!! that is unheard of…man I couldnt believe it….anyway, I Immediately returned it and Bought a PS3, thank God……As soon as I recieve my Xbox from the repair centre, Im selling it – all Games Including Halo, and BioShock- whats the point of having Stellar Games if You dont have a system to play it on………in all my years of owning game systems, from ColecoVision, atari 2600, Nes, super NES Sega Genesis, Neo-Geo, Turbographix16, Panasonic 3D0, Nintendo 64, Sega Saturn, Sega CD, 32x, Dreamcast, Playstation 1, and 2——(with only the exception of Playstation 1, having to turn it upside down since the lens used to sink) Ive never had any problems whatso ever….why was I so blind in making the choice- SONY PS3 is where its at……..

  104. Joe Blow says:

    I work for a “certain” shipping company that makes the returns on these boxes. I work for a small section of the company located in a generally rural area. Our town has roughly 18,000 people and we receive at least one xbox 360 return every day. Over the summer we averaged 3 a day.
    Keep in mind this is in a town of 18k and an entire area covered (by the company I work for) of probably 25-30k.
    So, if this entire page isn’t proof enough how shotty xbox 360’s are, then let my example speak for itself.
    PS3 is going down to 400 so i’ve heard…

  105. aaron says:


    You know the story: xbox customer support was no help. They wanted money to fix my system which has been randomly freezing up since the day I bought it. After much anger, I decided to stick it to the man.

    I went to a store, bought a new 360 and decided to switch serial numbers so I could put the new serial number on my old 360 and return it to the store. This was done quite easily with a new surgical knife (just use an X-Acto knife with a brand new blade…buy one at WalMart or a hobby store) and patience. There were 2 numbers to switch. The main serial number on the back of the system and a smaller sized one that sat right above the 2 controller ports on the front of the system. This one could be seen when I poked up the front flap below the power button on the front of the system where you’d plug wired controllers into. To remove and replace the smaller serial number, I had to partially de-construct the system. I looked up on Google how to take the 360 apart and eventually ended up on YouTube. Because it was my first and hopefully only time taking the 360 apart, the entire process took four to five hours (from start to finish with replaced serial numbers and scam completed) so beware. I was fueled with anger. The reason I looked up how to take the system apart was because my surgical knife couldn’t fit into the controller plug-in flap to remove the front smaller serial number. What a pain. It worked though! I just removed the top and bottom of the system and popped the sides far enough apart that I could get to the front serial number and replace it so it didn’t look tampered with. DON’T SCREW UP ON THE BACK SERIAL NUMBER. Patience and the right tools are what get the job done, otherwise you’re smack outta luck. Things would have been slightly sped up for me if I had a jewelers took kit (if you have one, relesh in your sweet victory!) because they have nice small sized tools which would have been helpful in popping the sides of the xbox apart after I had already removed the top and bottom of the system. Look up the tutorial on youtube, you’ll see what I mean when you see people using a cutout plastic key-form mutilated from a cylinder clear plastic cover obtained from a CD-R multi-pack. This isn’t necessary. I tried it. I just used small-sized zip ties (not the normal sized ones!) that I trimmed the pointed end off of so it would be flat. I poked ‘em in the slots from left to right and with much patience it worked. Don’t want to look it up on youtube? What little slots am I talking about? Look just below the serial number on the back of the system. See those little rectangle slots? Notice them on both the left and right side. There are five I think just below the serial number, and two remaining on the other side. If I had a jewelers small flat-head screwdriver, I would have used that instead to poke into those slots. I was forced to use my brain. Use the force to defeat the dark-side. PATIENCE!

    You’ll ALSO NEED YOUR KNIFE TO REMOVE THE MICROSOFT ANTI-TAMPERING LABEL THAT IS LOCATED ON THE FRONT OF THE SYSTEM WHEN YOU POP OFF THE FACEPLATE. Just use your fance sharp knife and your zen-like patience. No big deal. DO THIS BEFORE ATTEMPTING TO TAKE THE SYSTEM APART. Just watch the tutorial. You’ll see people monkeying with the sticker.

    I polished up my old one with the new serial numbers on it and returned it to the store two weeks later, all the while playing the new system. Guess what? They didn’t even bother to check the serial numbers at the store I went to! All that work for nothing probably. But even so, I played it safe just in case.

    Bestbuy checks the serial numbers apparently, so choose another store just for smoother sailing. A careful job would certainly work at bestbuy also however.

    My new xbox 360 hasn’t frozen up once. Yeah, I hope this one doesn’t have any problems or I’ll have to do the same thing all over again. (because my new one doesn’t have a serial number…I didn’t bother with it when I switched the numbers) Doesn’t really matter the way I see it. After all, I’m just buying a PS3 when I have the money and ditching the 360. Sad thing is, I was a loyal xbox fan until this happened.

    Remember, don’t get mad, get even.

    If I help only one person with this submission, then my job is complete! If I can help more, then SWEET! So pass it along!

  106. gary grant says:

    The people who deal with this “ring of death” problem with the xbox 360 are a bunch of **** heads and need to pick their **** up cause it took about a week just to get the damn box to put my damaged xbox in and now i can only imagine how long its gona take for them to fix the damn thing and send it back. I just got call of duty 4 and i cant even play the damn game! Hopefully i wont have to wait any longer than a month which is what i am expecting. oh yea and one other thing, when i was talking to the microsoft person on the phone, i couldnt even understand what the hell she was saying. Maybe they should try hiring people who speak english to deal with this issue that is obviously affecting many people and is pissing alot of people off

  107. KDP says:


  108. TheCandiru says:

    I bought my 360 about 11 months ago. Everything was fine at first and I always thought that the red ring of death would never happen to me. It decided to finally die 2 weeks ago. I was in the middle of Portal when the screen froze. I sent it to the repair center and now I’m playing the waiting game and my Wii. I hope it doesn’t take forever to come back.

  109. john says:

    hey all. i was a real fan of the original xbox until it died after about a two years though. i have a wii and have had a ps3 since they came out and so far have not had any problems with either. i wanted to get a 360 to play my xbox games( and the 360 games of course) , but after reading these stories i might just sell my xbox games and get assassin’s creed. i have played the 360 many times as my friend has one(new), and i don’t get why so many 360 owners say that it is so much better than the ps3. don’t get me wrong, it is an amazing machine(when it works i guess), but it is not better than the ps3. maybe it’s because they have never played the ps3? i don’t know. thanks for all the info and making up my mind about boycotting MS.

  110. [...] Once your gaming action has been abruptly ruined by the Red Calamity, you simply call Microsoft at 1-800-4MYXBOX (1-800-469-9269) and tell their friendly representative (preferably in a kind and gentle way) that your expensive multimedia centerpiece has become a blinking red brick. After a few basic troubleshooting steps, the technician will arrange to ship you a box with basic instructions for returning the system for maintenance. Of course the maintenance for this error is free presuming you’re still in the three-year range. I’ve read that the process can take as little as one or two weeks, but the Microsoft Rep gave me a round trip ETA of four to five weeks (YIKES!). Guess the Master Chief will have to finish that fight on his own. [...]

  111. Steve says:

    I had bought an X-BOX 360 in september and i played it pretty much every day. I was very diappointed with the low quality of the hardware when i finally recived the “red ring of death”. Needless to say, i did call the number provided from EB games and the guy on the line was help full. I sent the console on November 17 and still have not been able to a full answer from the customer service….. im hopefull that ill get it by x-mas but that seems unlikely…so what will i do? Will probably turn back to sony for the PS3 becasue mircosoft doesnt care for what sh%t they are selling as long as its out there where as i have had extrmely excellent service from sony…….and the x-box 360 was so promissing…..sigh oh well

  112. CableDude says:

    Too bad the PS3 has jack for games. So whats the point of a system that doesnt **** out if it has nothing to play? I’ve had my 360 for 19 months and its still working so not every system goes bad.

  113. Kenny says:

    Im on the phone with these peices of **** right now…… So happy I waisted my money on a system that has been in repair more then at my house….. whats the point of buying new games, when by the time you get your system back…. its at the store used…. im tellining you…. this is my third system in less then 2 years….. Way to go GATES…. got your self a winner here…. Rich ****

  114. give them a chance says:

    i hate xbox360 i got a ps3 but you ppl have to give them time to fix it i mean there such a peace of *#$^@ that there are manny to be fixted an such so give it some time i mean geez

  115. Reesie says:

    Y’know…a lot of you seem to be complaining because you’re not getting something for nothing. If your XBOX 360 is still under warranty and it dies – they’re fixing or replacing it for free. I was just on the phone with them for about 15 minutes…went through their steps for troubleshooting (just say you’ve checked the power and hard drive) – and within minutes, everything was in order. I was nice though, so follow the advice above and do some ***-kissing if you feel they’re not helping you out. Incidentally, my warranty was a year, it seems, so those saying it’s still only 3 months isn’t necessarily true (based on the issue probably.) Things break…get over whatever entitlements you feel Bill Gates owes you and just get your damn box replaced.

  116. pissed off says:

    my friend let me borrow gears of war and it worked, than finally after like a month to a month in a half it stopped working. i called up microsoft, they told me about the game replacement program. so i sent it in around november 20th… and i called up 3 weeks later to see the status, they said they got it in on december 6th. (how could it take over 2 weeks to recieve it) one person told me it would take 2-3 days and i should get it back. then around december 14th i called again and the guy told me it would take another 2-3 weeks, but i should see it the following week. i still didn’t receive it. i called up yesteday or december 28th and the girl told me that they receieved it and the order is complete but they haven’t sent it out. she then put another order in and is saying that it will be another 2-3 weeks.

    ahhhh ********

  117. Jay says:

    This is all ****, too many of you people are just unlucky or something. My xbox 360 only worked for about a year, but that’s still ok because of my story here. On the phone, I talked to a man who spoke great english and even tried to talk me through ways to check the system out myself. Eventually he said just send it in and all that, and I gave him my adress and number and he even asked for my gamertag to play some games online. It took microsoft only 3 days to get the box to send my 360 in to them with the free U.P.S. shipping sticker for 3 day shipping. I sent my 360 in and it took 4 days to get to Texas(I live in North Carolina), and in about the next 5 days I recieved MY xbox(checked the serial number) and it works perfectly fine. I’ve been playing it for a couple days now, and no problem at all, and the guy from microsoft has been playing halo 3 with me. One of my friends was also screwed by microsoft, but luckily i wasn’t. Most of my other friends have had thier xbox 360 for quite a while…. one even fell off thier tv which was probably 6 or 7 feet up, and it’s still working after that which was months ago. Just be real polite, and hope you get good service. If your 360 is still ******** up, then forget it if it’s too much trouble for you. Try getting a PS3, play some games on there for a while until maybe they make a new recall on the 360’s and fix the overheating problem and what not. If you can’t afford a PS3, then maybe play some computer games for a while, or get into some classic ps2 games and such. Complaining can’t really help much, so just try to make the best of it.

  118. Deb & David says:

    GRRRRR… and yet another xbox 360 RRD nightmare repair. According to their customer service, the repair site in Texas received our xbox on December 3. I waited three weeks before I called to check the status…

    I have now called three times – been on hold for a minimum of 20 minutes each time while they “consulted with their supervisor” because they needed to put this on expedited status. Each time they came back with the same story… the repair facility has not updated the status on the website – please call back in 3-4 days to check the status again. What’s truly sad about this is that we have to send it to Texas in the first place – hello, we live in Microsoft’s home field here but have to send it to Texas to repair it?

    Needless to say, I wouldn’t count on a two-week turnaround time. 30 days and still counting…

  119. dawson says:

    My xbox got the three red lights after 1 week of minimal usage luckily costco replaced it so i didnt have to deal with microsoft. I hope the next one makes it longer than 1 week, that is ridiculous.

  120. taylor says:

    when you ring up microsoft be a nice as you can usually their very very nice i lost my recipe and the women said thats ok just be as nice as you can

  121. Johnny Cash says:

    You guys complain way too much. Some you don’t even have it bad. I had my brand new xbox for about 7 months. It broke. I called in on December 28th. They sent me the box. I sent it in. I got it back on January 21st. I played it on jan 21st. Woke up on Monday morning on the 22nd and started playing. What a wonderful holiday that was(Martin Luther King). About 1pm it freezes. Okay sweet. Stop playing for awhile. I get on at 6pm ready to play some Call of Duty 4. Im playing some Team Deathmatch. It freezes again. I turn it off and turn it back on. Decide to play UNO and see if it freezes on UNO. What do you know, it does. Turn it off, turn it back on. Black screen with three red lights. Sweet not even 24 hours and my new xbox is now a blinking red brick of ****. I look at the manufactur date on the back. Dec 25 2007. Its about one month old and it breaks. So I call on the 22nd them and they say they’ll send me a bigger box to send my cables with it. Well its now January 28th and i have no box. I called them just now and they cant give me a status because their system is down. Thats sweet. If they send me another broken one Im gonna ask for an elite or a refund cause thats some bullshit.

  122. Roshan Raj says:

    I have an XBOX 360 purchased from UK
    Purchase Date: December 2006

    From: GAME, Gallions Reach shopping park,Beckton, East London, United Kingdom,E6 7ER

    But I then moved out to the United Arab Emirates(Dubai) in April 2007.

    In Dec 2007 I faced the famous three flashing red lights.(Top left, Bottom left and Right bottom lights flash red as soon as the power is switched On). The system is totally non responsive when power is turned ON.

    On seeing this I called the customer support in UAE (

    The XBOX 360 support verified that this is a hardware failure issue and adviced me to take it back to the retailer for repair/replacement. The Reference code they provided is 105651XXX and confirmed that the console is under the 3 year warranty.

    However since I am now based in the United Arab Emirates(Dubai)and not in London I am facing a small issue.

    The local authorised dealers of XBOX 360(plutogt) have agreed to replace the console with anew one(since the GCC countries in middle-east-gulf region don’t have a repair centre yet). But for them to do this they will need authorisation from XBOX 360- UK.

    The offical dealers of XBOX 360 in United Arab Emirates(Dubai) is Pluto GT and I have been in contact with their service manager, Mr. Omar Sheikh.

    However we are awaiting confirmation from XBOX360 -UK to help us get the replacement done as the console was intially purchased from London. It will be helpful if this request can be passed up the chain since I genuinely believe this a unique situation and we need support from XBOX 360-UK to help us sort this issue.

    Hope you will do the required.

  123. kill bill says:

    screw this console i’m gona try buying a new one and returning my old one in the new box!

  124. Gamerbot says:

    Some people have already opened their xbox before MS put out the extended warranty. Those people have been fixing their xboxes with a repair guide from

  125. Chad D says:

    Absolutely rediculous. I’ve sent my on’s 360 in twice since August. First time went pretty quick. This last time, not so much. Sent it out around Christmas, and it was received in Texas on 1-2-08. No answer since about when it will be shipped out. Several phone calls with the same answer each time. “Call back in 5 days.” They are unable to answer the simplest of questions, and are doing nothing but stringing me along.
    I’m going to file a report with the local PD in Texas claiming theft. If they can’t find it at the service center, then an employee must have stolen it. Right?
    Does anyone know what town the service center is in?

    Thank you!

  126. me says:

    Hey all, yeah my 360 did the **** out as well. I’ve been reading a few places,
    & there seems to be a repair system that editors swear by. Mine crapped out
    while playing Mass Effect(which is a great game,btw), and I called 1-800-4my-halo box, and Nancey was the one to answer. She was really kind, and helped me through the whole name the wire process(I’m a little pissed, but she was nice.) I’m waiting for the box.(which I don’t expect until tuesday, today being technically monday.) but I’m gonna check out the repair system that all these hobo editors swear by(just kidding for all you in the business)


  127. Sharolyn & Patrick Buck says:

    As of today… We have sent our Xbox 360 in 3times. We got the 3rd one today and they sent us the wrong power supply brick!! My husband called the service center and after about 30min he got to a supervisor (Steve in India) who said that it will take 3 to 5 business days to CONTACT the service center and than my husband needs to call back than and find out if they will send a new power supply brick!

    I have been looking around on the internet and finding similar stories. Some people have had up to 12 returns!! Between the system, and the games we have; controlers, accessories, etc..we have about $1500+ invested in it.

    Anyone know if there is anything we can do to “fix” this? To me this does not seem right. Almost feels illegal.

  128. Mikeyb1 says:

    I bought an Xbox 360 on my birthday (Nov. 1st 2007) and i got Gears of war aswell all cost £300 i was so happy. Then i bought around 15 games, new controller, and a wireless adapter. I met great people online and i have plenty of people i know who just want to play casually.

    Its great. I treated it so carefully after seeing red ring of death. 2 hours max of play. Then i do something else. Lots of ventilation.

    I then started to play Turok. It was raining out side, then suddenly i get a powercut and then my xbox turns back on very quickly and i get red rings of death(May 25th 2008); then on i cant see anything on the screen at all.

    (*Microsoft keeps my credit card details and charges me when i cant use it,
    sells me a defective console which scratches my games. Does not have a good enough monitoring facility to see people who are too young to play the mature games.)

    Why did i even bother…….

  129. rachel says:

    you wouldnt believe the trouble ive had with this damned console. anyway, what ive managed to find out is that the consoles usually dont go back to microsoft themselves, they go to independent repair companies licensed by microsoft. in the uk anyway (Argos confirmed this when i asked ). thats probs why people get refurbished consoles instead of brand new ones and why there are sometimes thefts of repaired consoles when you send them for away. microsoft need to give people new consoles instead of refurbished ones. it really is takin the piss.

  130. Matt says:

    I recently sent my console in for repair due to a red ring of death within the warranty period. What I got back was a letter saying “An inspection of your console has revealed that damage excluded from that covered by the Xbox Limited Warranty, has occurred.” and now they are accusing me of “tampering” with my system which is a flat out lie. You can find out more details here:

    I’ll be blogging about my daily calls to support until I get a new 360.

  131. nick says:

    i dont know ats hapened to you guys becouse i got my xbox back from repair in just a week and a half. Maybe you guys put the wrong adress or something happened during shipment.

  132. Jose says:

    i just called the company xbox and i was wondering if when they send you the box do you sign anything like papers from the mail guy or somthing or they just give you the box to send it in

  133. Jose says:

    you guys should all go to small claims court they can help you or the better bussines beauro and they will ethier help you get your system back or you can sew them for about 3000 dollars and you do not need a loyar the maximum to sew is 3000 but when you go to court you will need proof that u bought the xbox 360 like reciet the box or the system

  134. CONN3CT3D says:

    hi everyone i was wondering if i bought a 3 red light xbox360 say on ebay will i be able to send it to them and have them repair it for free wit no warrenty please help me im wondering cuz i had an xbox awile back and ran out of warrenty sent it in and got a refurbished free but not sher if they will do it if i bought it on ebay if that makes sense email me or leave a comment thanks

  135. wtf says:

    quit wining… “apple who will always overnight a box”
    shut the fuckup – its not common practice anywhere to over night a repair box

  136. jeff says:

    I bought a xbox 360 NEW…NEVER had a problem with the Original One I traded in and had it for 3 years bought used.

    The hard drive fried within 2 months of playing ONE GAME.

    …and just past the 1 year warranty(coincidence?)…it died. Now i have to pay 99 bucks to replace it thru the service department…which by the way they do not speak and understandable english.

    Bad buisness…bad console…im going playstation and wii…this is a joke.

    Screw Microsuck wrekbox.

  137. Ryan says:

    My story: I got my xbox in CHristmas 07. Worked fine till,like,maybe October then the red lights came on. i jsut unplugged cables and put them back in then it worked,now its Jan. 09 and last tuesday,i was just playing Mirrors Edge when i noticed the fan in the back sounded like it was speeding up. i turned off the 360 thinking it would be find. i turned it ona nd the red lights came up. Apparently its overheating but its 6 days later and whenever i turn it on,it stays on for about 10 second then the lights come up and turn off the 360. so…can some1 tell me if i have a warranty? and if so,where to send the xbox to? thanks

  138. Yooo says:

    i rather do business with a company that takes the extra step… but not apple – i hate apple… iPods r cool tho.

  139. GPU DEAD says:

    You dont really have warrenty. I wouldnt suggest sending back to Microsoft. Try the retailers where you brought it. and remember Sale of goods.

    The Sale Of Goods Act 1979 states that electrical items should be expected to last a “reasonable” amount of time. This time is not strictly defined by the law, but is open to interpretation. For instance a £20 toaster may not be expected to last that long, but a £300 console would be expected to last a few years. During this time it is the retailers responsibility to replace the item.

    For me my GPU died and i get all this wierd abstract art looking stuff on my screen. I have had my Box for nearly a year. Well i am not thinking of returning it BUT when using sale of goods a trained retailer will nearly have to exchange your Xbox. If they dont i dunno wat to do. but keep in mind sale of goods.

  140. silva says:

    i bought my xbox360 less than a year before, i am living in cambodia i paid my xbox 550 $ with a 12 g HDD far overprice in my opinion but i had no other choice. there is no licenced retailer in cambodia so i blame microsoft for selling a deficient device. i am disgusted 550 $ is a big amount of money , i got screw by Microsoft.
    you lucky U.S citizen at least can get it repaired with a valid warranty.
    I am so disappointed, i have played with lots of machine all the sega megadrive dreamcast nintendo Ect….. Now we are in the years 2000 and the technology seems less and less reliable.
    damned made in china allways FUC… UP

  141. don brackenhoff says:

    i know how half of you feel, one woman waited 2 months to get her XBOX back, i have been on hold last summer for 11 months to get my x box 360 back for my son. 11 months! we went on a trip and my son brought his 360 because we like some of the sport games he has, and as we were packing it (also we purchased the 360 hardback backpack carrying case for this reason) and we put it in the car, when we unloaded it to play, again the red circle of death appeared and here i am now sending it again, why does microsoft xbox makers, make the xbox’s soo cheap? its like they dont put any thought of how to make it more durable.. i am very upset and i might buy a PS3, because of how crappy these xbox 360’s are…

  142. bigdog says:

    My story is about identical to everyone else’s. This is a bad system they rushed out to beat out playstation and Nitendo(to make more money). Shame on me if I’m going through this experience and spend more money on this ****. I’m going back to and sticking with Nitendo. My son had a DS for about a year and a half, dropped it,totally his fault, broke the screen and they paid for shipping and repair costs. There is a reason this company is Sooooo profitable!!. Cheap labor over seas and are not standing behind product. I went to better business bureau, filed complaint, micro soft never responded. THEY DON’T CARE!!!!!!

  143. Mike says:

    If your games get scratched, you can just go to Walmart and say you got it two days ago, and it played fine once, but the next day it didn’t work. My brother bought GTA 4 at best buy and returned it for a new one at Walmart when it got scratched. And he practically KNEW it would get recked, because we were playing in the car.

  144. pjf says:

    I would just like to say that I have had a good experience with this (besides the console failing) I did it thorugh the web site, just entered the serial number stated 3 red lights, got a postage thing to print out. packed up the console myself some ups guy came to collect it the next day. 6 days later I had a new, not refurbished, but brand new console delivered. So in this case, nice service.

  145. Dylan says:

    Microsoft needs to learn how to make a product before they start selling it, thanks for wasting my time. Cant wait to get my PS3.

  146. A.DUB says:

    The hell with this x box its been repaired 2 times in less than 3 months,it last only 5 days before the ring of death showed up again….can you say ps3!!

  147. garrett lance says:

    HI i had my 360 4 nearly 2 years and then finnaly i accidently left it on all night (which people pull all nighter all the time with the system actually doing work) and next morning it was off. turned it on would not read a dam cd. sent it in. returned a month later still broke. they 4got 2 flash the bios 4 the new drive. sent it again. sum diffrent prob. so i kept it 4 parts saved the hardrive. bought a core system. and ive had that since june 2009. microsoft is BS though

  148. Avi says:

    So, I got the red ring of death (3 lights) and this was my second xbox where this happened. My parents said it would be better to just get a new xbox 360 elite with a jasper chip to fix the problem.So, I went over to the store and bought one with a jasper chip and an extended 2 year warranty. After 3 hours, the new elite had a hard drive problem, and microsoft said we had to pay to ship anew hard drive. Microsft sucks

  149. nate says:


  150. adam kilmer says:

    my xbox 360 wont reed any vidogames what do i do

  151. Tim Blasko says:

    Microsoft no longer gives you a box. Found this cool start up though that will send you an xbox sized box so you don’t have to go to the post office.

  152. Laura says:

    Yea ### These people just got my XBox back and they said I tampered with it! NO WAY! I wouldnt even know how to tamper with it!! Just wanted to get it fixed and back to gaming….WTF a great way to save them some bucks esp. after they promised me to make things right……think I will try the x-change at a store…..they deserve what they get!

  153. drew says:

    well i do agree with u on microsofts service i think they try to scam people every chance they get but i bought my xbox in 2005 im 13 now and my xbox got the dreded red ring of death in 2011 not to mention the xbox i got was the very first version of the arcade which is known to only have a lifespan of 2 years i dont know if its luck or somethin but i think i had a relly good run with my xbox now ill go out get me a 250GB xbox360 elite and be thankful for how long i was able to to play and enjoy a relly good product from microsoft

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