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DotA 6.28 Downloadable Map!

Posted in Online, PC Games, Reviews by admin on February 28th, 2006.

DotA 6.28 has been released! Here’s the change-log:

6.28 Changelog:

* Two new scourge heroes (Vol’Jin can use scepter)
* New loading screen art
* -creepstats(-cs) added for those who wish to track their creep killing/denying stats
* In regular pick, you get back 175 from the 250 hero gold cost (not -lm)
* Chaos Bolt reworked a bit
* Static Field reworked
* Fixed a range hero abuse against ancient creeps
* Tweaked Chakra a bit. It gives you the same as target now (was weaker).
The mana regen values and cooldowns are nerfed a bit. Manacost tweaked.
* Chaos Damage now does same as hero damage to structures, 50% instead of 100%
* -moderandom(-mr) randomly picks a mode from ar/ap/tr/regular
* The Circle of Power now has one inventory slot to use as a temp slot when creating items
(for those who have the unfortunate luck of dealing with item stealers)
* Headshot lvl4 from .25 to .2 and restored old sniper starting agi
* Assassinate and Rupture now have status buff icons
* Necronomicon: Decreased mana burn casting range from 500 to 250,
and removed spell immunity from lvl 3. Spell reduction from 33/33/100% to 40/40/40%.
Necronomicon cooldown from 70 to 90 seconds
* Change attribute bonus hotkey from B to U to help fix some hotkey conflicts
* Hellcaller tweaked a bit
* Necronomicon summons are no longer able to attack ancients
* Fixed a major abuseable DM bug
* If you cast necro and already own them on the field, the old ones get removed.
(i.e. no necro refresher, adapt, grow, etc)
* Necronomicon summons now give 100 gold on death (instead of 60)
* Necro aura from 4/8/12 to 3/6/9
* -allagi(-aa)/-allint(-ai)/-allstr(-as)
* Spirit Breaker starting str from 25 to 23. Netherstrike cooldown from 40 to 75 and casting
range from 700/800/900 to 400/550/700 (he may need another nerf, but i want to take it one
step at a time with him as he is easily made useless)

* Mana cost increase for level 2 and 3 of Guardian Angel (125/150/200 to 125/175/250)
* Sange and Yasha recipe from 900 to 1000
* Aphotic Shield range improved
* Aegis removed from -dm
* Fixed the LM mode to spawn the neutral creeps at the same time offset as the other modes
* Abaddon starting agility from 13 to 17
* Fixed wrong player number display on circle of power
* Neutral Ancients can no longer attack towers (abuse precaution)
* Cleaner game end dialog and somewhat smoother exit
* Fixed a bug with DMAR that allowed repicking and screwing up the hero count.
* Dagon upgrades give an extra 2 int per level
* Pugna’s Scepter Life Drain improved
* Weaver starting str from 14 to 15
* Lina movespeed from 280 to 290
* Lycan Wolf Form has proper melee attack, not missle based
* Scythe changes unit to a sheep instead of a chicken, like it says. All stats still same
* TB base hp accidentally 50 lower due to a typo, so his base hp was increased by 50 but str
reduced by 2 to keep it similar
* Many typos fixed
* Test of Faith mana cost from 140 to 175
* The game now says random or repicked instead of just “chosen” when a hero enters.
* Fixed a bug with Bloodlust multicast where it wouldn’t pick Ogre Magi as a potential target
* Smokescreen typo
* PA/SA blink stike bug where you could target yourself is fixed
* Dragon Slave AOE increased slightly
* Chen’s movement speed from 300 to 295
* Fixed Naix’s Poison Sting and Viper’s Poison Attack buff icons
* Watchers are now spell immune
* Diffusion aura from 300->350
* Radiance AOE from 400 to 550
* Desolator recipe from 1580 to 1500
* Timewalk slow reduced a bit
* Fixed a bunch of learn hotkey conflicts
* TDA specific game rules updated
* Fixed a typo on the spirit bear’s entangle


* This version was going to be released in 2 weeks but with recent abuses on morphling/necro,
i decided to just release it now. This doesn’t have as much new content as i had planned,
however, you can expect new content to flow in at a steady rate.

* Lord of Avernus will be looked into in the next few versions to make him less boring.
Morphling adapt will probably get reworked in the near future as well.

* Thanks to the beta testers for their help; switch and minotaar for icons; Terrorblaze for hero
descriptions. Special thanks to mercurial for the new 100% hand drawn loading screen art. He
worked on it for over a month. We almost couldn’t use it, we spent all of thursday evening trying
to properly compress it due to blizzard format issues. A desktop wallpaper version of it is
available at

You can download DotA 6.28 HERE!

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42 Responses to “DotA 6.28 Downloadable Map!”

  1. keyn asan says:

    a really good game

  2. lkh says:

    why is it no hero challange with me when i play dota?

  3. justinngoc says:

    thank you

  4. wayam says:

    The two new hero are good I like to use them in lan

  5. ken says:

    why not has AI?

  6. marsz0 says:

    nice game a masterpiece

  7. serass says:

    haha nice release by froggie………..the new hero are interesting

  8. maww says:

    wicked sick

  9. holy shit says:

    first blood saung lahat… !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. holy shit says:

    monster kill lang ako palgi pag gamit ko ang visage…!!!!!!!!!!

  11. yan ang mga harang na player sa obrero punta kau doon pra may katapt kau…hehehe

  12. 67779812 says:

    Been waiting for 6.28 AI…Y so long??

  13. hey says:

    Mga gago pala kayo eh, puro salita sus mga wala wenta pff.. pff.. pff..
    Gusto niyo hamunin niyo pa ako eh.
    Mga fools!! Ang hahangin niyo mga wala naman wenta…
    Ako nga GODLike palagi…
    Napapaholy **** nga lagi.
    Cge hamunin niyo pa ako para makita niyo.

  14. hello says:

    First blood!!

    Killing Spree!!


    Wicked Sick!!

    Mega kill!!

    M-m-m- Monster Face!!


    Godlike (Holy ****)!!

    Double kill!!

    Triple Kill!!

  15. DRagan says:

    please make dota allstars 6.29 with AI

  16. WickedSick says:

    i like godlike! any 1 hu want to be my vivtim! it is a good map it has few bug

  17. sickboy says:


  18. Him says:

    Is this Dota Version w/ AI?

  19. gaylord focker says:


  20. mr. M. FUCK YOU says:


  21. *~*~*~Bhie~*~*~* says:

    Wat’s up. . .

  22. Ax says:


  23. AnArKy says:

    want dota 6.30ai

  24. moh says:

    want dota 6.32ai

  25. SOLIDUS says:

    need badly dota-allstars 6.32 AI


  27. chong says:

    anyone can send me dota 6.28 ai map by this email address

  28. Creeplike!!! says:

    WTF!!!! fools!!!

    cno b ng umpisa nng forum d2 wla nmn kwenta puro AI lng kya nyo fools!!! Monsterface!!!
    killing isa free!!!
    try nyo ko s Hamachi pra maging creeplike kyo s aking husay… WTF!!!

    weak pra kyong Vol’jin

  29. Gunspotter says:

    AI PLS…

  30. badhabits says:

    yosh..wassup all…
    just wnt to ask a few question…
    1) Can we change our Hero, how?
    2) Why that other hero din’t come out?
    3) Which Hero do you suggest that good?

  31. yuhaowto says:


  32. Jester says:

    please add something to Rexxar, can you put a higher damage on last skill and longer time of stun

  33. adrian says:

    gumawa po sana kayo ng DOTAonline kasi po maganda po yon at sigurado po akong maraming maglalaro yon.

  34. adrian says:

    pde poba kayong gumawa ngDOTAonline kasi po nakaksawa na po parating LAN mas maganada po kung online at sana po parang ragnarok, hindi mawawala ung character namin kahit na tapos na kami.

  35. ulok nimo says:

    suck my balls!

    mga tae kau

  36. ulok nimo says:

    suck my balls!

    mga tae kwenta loooozerrrrrrr!*****

  37. steven lwin says:

    dota is the best games i had ever played. I’m finding the crack of dota map.

  38. jeje24 says:

    Punta kau Mandaluyong qng gs2 nyo ng magandang laban!.. Sports lng po.. GODLIKE!!!!!!

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